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Oklahoma is our neighbor state, just a few hours away from our headquarters in Dallas, TX. We have shipping routes that go through Oklahoma just about every day – any car shipment we make up north, of course. While it’s not the most popular destination, we do pick-up and drop-off in major metro areas of Oklahoma like Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and even Lawton. With the close proximity to Wichita Falls, TX, and even Fort Smith, AR, our drivers are very familiar with the big interstates of 44, 35, and 40. Interstates are the baseline for everything that happens in auto transport! If you’re looking to ship a car to a more rural area in Oklahoma, we can do that too. As much as we can, we try to deliver door-to-door (the only reason we can’t is if the truck can’t fit or there is no access road to the destination!) Beware that routes off the beaten path will probably cost a bit more, but we’re always available to talk with you about all the options when you book.

Auto Transport in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Oklahoma is just about in the middle of the whole country! Residents here typically enjoy a lower auto sales tax and lower gas prices than the rest of the country. So if you’re moving to Oklahoma, you have those things to look forward to. Buying a car in this state can also offer some savings. We encourage you to explore all your options when you’re thinking about shipping a car for a move or buying one from another city! Call us and talk to one of our auto transport experts for all the details on keeping costs minimal while ensuring your car is in the hands of a reliable team. Need more details about Oklahoma? Check out TravelOK for more details.

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