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South Carolina Auto Transport Services

Global Car Shipping Requires Local Expertise

International car shipping is becoming increasingly complex. Because vehicles are being transported thousands of miles in many different conditions there are a greater number of variables. Rate changes, shipping delays, customs, and space limitations are just a few challenges auto dealers can face when trying to receive or send a shipment of cars. We understand international car shipping.

Crestline has a dedicated office in South Carolina to both serve our east coast partners and also assist with international car shipping through the Charleston port. We assist dealerships who are receiving shipments of vehicles, but also help specialty car dealers who purchase multiple pre-owned vehicles from U.S. auctions to be sent abroad to foreign markets in Africa, the Middle East, and beyond. Crestline offers car shipping services for domestic individuals as well as auto dealerships needing to move vehicles from the coast to either the rail or the lot.

How does International Car Shipping Work?

International car shipping isn’t that much different from domestic auto transport. Remember that Crestline is an auto transport broker. This means once we understand what your needs are, the type of car you have, what kind of transport you need, your origin and destination, we help arrange it with one of our partner carriers and communicate with you the whole way through until your vehicle has been successfully shipped. Of course, instead of a truck, we might be dealing with a large ship to get your vehicle(s) across the pond.

The majority of our individual international car shipping requests come from U.S. military families who have received PCS orders. We enjoy serving our military through this process. If your change of station is taking you simply to another state or another country, trust Crestline to handle your auto transport. As always, our military customers receive a 10% discount.

Of course, there are other situations besides Military PCS that would warrant international car shipping.

Are you moving abroad and taking your vehicle with you?
Did you purchase a vehicle on Ebay and need to ship it to another country?
Are you needing to transport a classic or vintage car abroad for a show or trip?

Any kind of vehicle – including motorcycles, boats, ATVs, cars, trucks, SUVs, you name it — we can ship. Crestline is the worry-free, hassle-free, international car shipping solution for individuals and auto dealerships.

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