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When people think of Arizona, some only think of hot weather and desert. While yes, Arizona does have hot weather and a desert-like climate, there is unmatched beauty in the landscape of this state! It’s the sixth largest state, which means you can experience a lot of variety from the Colorado River to snowy ski resorts in the north. We haven’t even mentioned the Grand Canyon yet, a beautiful mile-deep wonder (one of the seven natural wonders of the world!) that stretches on for nearly 300 miles. Arizona is one of the Four Corner states, along with Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. This is pretty cool to experience if you’ve always wanted to try being in four places at once.

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Talking about it makes us want to move there too! The weather in Arizona is hot and dry, known for its lack of humidity. This state makes a fabulous getaway for snowbirds or retirees with consistent mild winter temperatures hovering near 70 degrees. Hate Daylight Savings? Forget about it! Arizona is one of two states that does not observe the Spring-Forward and Fall-Back tradition.

Let us give you one more reason to at least visit Arizona. If you’re into collectible automobiles or car auctions, you have got to visit the famous annual Barrett-Jackson’s Auction in Scottsdale.

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