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How much does it cost to ship my car?

How much your auto transport costs depends on when and what exactly you want to ship. Prices are determined by four factors: distance, the time of year, size and operability of your vehicle, as well as your choice to use an open or enclosed trailer. Summer is definitely a busy season for auto transport because it is a popular time of the year for moving. You will pay a little more for auto transport in the summer months, but you can save if your dates are flexible! Bigger cities also typically cost a bit less because they are more popular routes and auto transport companies can ship more cars at one time making the trip more efficient. All of the quotes you receive from Crestline Auto Transport are for door-to-door service. Read more about the cost of car shipping with all the details on shipping your car in the U.S.

What types of trailers do you use to ship cars?

Crestline uses six different types of trailers to ship vehicles: gooseneck trailer, wedge trailer, drop deck trailer, enclosed car trailer, and open car trailer.

View more Detail on Types of Shipping Trailers

Does a larger vehicle cost more to ship?

Larger vehicles take up much more space on a transport truck than traditional passenger vehicles. Because of their dimensions these vehicles take up the amount of space normally used for two vehicles, thus resulting in the need for an incremental increase in the rate. Full-size Trucks, Vans & SUV’s along with various other vehicles fit into this category.

How long should it take to ship my vehicle?

Under normal circumstances, we can pick up your vehicle within a few days of the order date unless expedited shipping is requested. Once in transit, Crestline delivers shorter moves in less than a week and longer (coast to coast) moves in one to two weeks. Although weather, traffic, road conditions and other unforeseen factors may affect the delivery date, your Crestline transportation specialist will monitor the movement and provide you the carrier’s contact information to keep you informed every step of the way.

Does Crestline Auto Transport ship vehicles outside of the United States?

Crestline Auto Transport only services the continental United States. However, if you are shipping within the continental United States, but your billing address is outside the United States, please contact us by calling 800.994.1208.

Do I have to drop my vehicle off somewhere?

No, Crestline Auto provides door to door service at the pick-up and drop-off location on all orders at no additional charge.

What if my location is inaccessible to the truck?

Most auto transport trucks are long and wide, which can prevent them from reaching all residential areas due to narrow roads, power lines, city street ordinances etc. In these cases, the driver will attempt to get as close as possible to the pick-up and delivery location and arrange a convenient location, such as a public parking lot to pick up or deliver your vehicle.

Will my vehicle be delivered on the same truck it was picked up on?

Your vehicle will typically stay on the same truck from time of pick-up to delivery. Be careful of transport companies that want you to drop off your vehicle at a holding facility. Typically this is a sign that your vehicle will be moved by multiple trucks as they take them from one holding facility to another throughout the move.

What if I am not available at the time the vehicle is scheduled to be delivered?

You may arrange to have a friend, relative or co-worker take delivery of your vehicle. The person signing off on the vehicle delivery should be over 18 years old, unless the car owner authorizes in writing to us a minor to receive the vehicle on their behalf. Also, please make sure this person is aware that an inspection is performed and a contract bill of lading must be signed.

What payment options do I have?

Crestline Auto Transport will accept any one of the following payment methods: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

May I pack my belongings in my car?

We recommend against this as the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations prohibit the transport of household goods items in vehicles being transported by auto carriers. These items are also not covered by carrier’s insurance. Any damage to your vehicle due to household goods shifting or breaking is also not covered. Personal belongings left in the vehicle are shipped strictly at the owner’s risk. For more information on how to prepare your car for shipping, visit the Vehicle Shipping Tips page.

Will you ship my car if it’s inoperable?

Yes, but it must be noted at the time you place the order. If your vehicle is not operable, an inoperable fee of $150 will be added to the transport cost.

Is Crestline Auto Transport Licensed and Bonded?

Yes. Crestline Auto Transport holds license #MC-698686 from the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Crestline holds a $75,000 surety bond which is the required bond amount by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Is my vehicle insured during transit?

Your vehicle is insured during transit by our auto transporter’s general liability insurance. All of our trucks are fully insured with most of them carrying up to 1 million dollars of liability insurance and $100,000 in motor cargo insurance. Crestline Auto Transport carries extra contingent cargo coverage in the amount of $250,000, making sure that your vehicle is protected along the way. Acts of God (hail, floods, hurricanes, avalanches, etc.), along with road debris that can cause minor damage to windshields, paint and undercarriages (just like when you are driving down the highway) are not covered. Our customers rarely report damage due to road debris even on open carriers. However, if this is of great concern to you, we are able to arrange for your vehicle to be transported in an enclosed trailer.

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Client Testimonials

  • After hearing all the horror stories, I was very lucky to find Crestline. They did what they said they would do; professional, courtesy, great communication, overall excellent experience. I will use them again and I would recommend to family and friends.

    John S.
  • Customer service was friendly. They delivered on time as promised.. Their pricing was reasonable. I would recommend them to anyone..

    Mike Wade
  • We called several places before we decided to go with Crestline Auto Transport and we couldn't be more pleased. They were very pleasant throughout the whole experience, and delivered the vehicle as they promised. We will definitely refer them to our friends and family.

    Arturo Gonzales
  • Booking transit was very easy; agent was clear, provided all options and prices. Driver picked up my car on the first day of my 3-day request, and delivered it in Calif. just four days later. I couldn't have asked for better service.

    Pat H.
  • Crestline was a very dependable and professional auto transport service. After no reply from the first two transport companies that we contacted, we tried them based on their reviews. They were in contact with us every day. The drivers were very professional and courteous at all times! We would definitely call them again if we needed to! Thank you, Crestline (and MK) for delivering my husband’s “baby” in perfect condition!

    M Truman
  • Crestline Auto Transport was both professional and very helpful in every step of the order. The driver picked up the car up from my daughter’s residence near Pittsburg and dropped it off at my front door in Fort Worth. The price was fair and this was a cost-effective, time saving alternative to me having to fly and drive it back. I would eagerly recommend them to all my friends.

    Michael Perkins
  • Great company, first time I've ever used a trucking company. The company's communication through the entire process was top notch. I would use them again without a question!!!!

    Rick L.
  • The entire experience was great and reasonably priced. Crestline set high expectations and met them in every way and I highly recommend them. The driver was in contact with me as delivery got closer and was able to help me find a place to unload. He was very competent and polite. I would definitely use Crestline again.

  • I have used (Crestline) several times with great results whether it has been moving a number of vehicles across town or across the state. The drivers have been great and the follow-up to make sure everything has gone well is the best. I would recommend (Crestline) to anyone who asked me.

    D. Thomas
  • I have used Crestline to ship 4 cars, always great pricing, NEVER missed a promised date and they helped me in several states, not just one area. Great customer service delivered as promised I recommend them 100%.

    Matthew O.
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