Crestline uses six different types of trailers to ship vehicles: gooseneck trailer, wedge trailer, drop deck trailer, enclosed car trailer, and open car trailer.

Flatbed trailers have an open truck bed with no sides and can carry between 1 and 4 cars.

Flatbed Trailer Car Shipping

Gooseneck trailers generally have an open truck bed, and are typically loaded from the back ramp. They attach to a truck via a “gooseneck hitch” and can hold between 1 and 4 cars. Preferred trailer type for larger cars, vans and commercial equipment.

Gooseneck Trailer Car Shipping

Wedge trailers typically hold 3-4 cars at a time, carried on the top layer of the “wedge.”

Wedge Trailer Car Shipping

For taller loads like tractors or other equipment, we use drop deck trailers. The floor drops down after it clears the truck unit at the front, for easy loading and unloading.

Dropdeck Trailer Car Shipping

Enclosed car trailers are perfect for convertible, exotic and classic car shipping. They protect vehicles from the elements and typically can hold between 1 and 8 vehicles at one time.

Enclosed Car Trailer Car Shipping

Open Car trailers are the workhorses of our industry. They can haul many cars at one time, offering efficiency and cost savings for our customers. These are ideal for car dealerships or manufacturers.

Open Car Trailer Car Shipping
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Client Testimonials

  • After hearing all the horror stories, I was very lucky to find Crestline. They did what they said they would do; professional, courtesy, great communication, overall excellent experience. I will use them again and I would recommend to family and friends.

    John S.
  • Customer service was friendly. They delivered on time as promised.. Their pricing was reasonable. I would recommend them to anyone..

    Mike Wade
  • We called several places before we decided to go with Crestline Auto Transport and we couldn't be more pleased. They were very pleasant throughout the whole experience, and delivered the vehicle as they promised. We will definitely refer them to our friends and family.

    Arturo Gonzales
  • Booking transit was very easy; agent was clear, provided all options and prices. Driver picked up my car on the first day of my 3-day request, and delivered it in Calif. just four days later. I couldn't have asked for better service.

    Pat H.
  • Crestline was a very dependable and professional auto transport service. After no reply from the first two transport companies that we contacted, we tried them based on their reviews. They were in contact with us every day. The drivers were very professional and courteous at all times! We would definitely call them again if we needed to! Thank you, Crestline (and MK) for delivering my husband’s “baby” in perfect condition!

    M Truman
  • Crestline Auto Transport was both professional and very helpful in every step of the order. The driver picked up the car up from my daughter’s residence near Pittsburg and dropped it off at my front door in Fort Worth. The price was fair and this was a cost-effective, time saving alternative to me having to fly and drive it back. I would eagerly recommend them to all my friends.

    Michael Perkins
  • Great company, first time I've ever used a trucking company. The company's communication through the entire process was top notch. I would use them again without a question!!!!

    Rick L.
  • The entire experience was great and reasonably priced. Crestline set high expectations and met them in every way and I highly recommend them. The driver was in contact with me as delivery got closer and was able to help me find a place to unload. He was very competent and polite. I would definitely use Crestline again.

  • I have used (Crestline) several times with great results whether it has been moving a number of vehicles across town or across the state. The drivers have been great and the follow-up to make sure everything has gone well is the best. I would recommend (Crestline) to anyone who asked me.

    D. Thomas
  • I have used Crestline to ship 4 cars, always great pricing, NEVER missed a promised date and they helped me in several states, not just one area. Great customer service delivered as promised I recommend them 100%.

    Matthew O.
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