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Need to ship a car to Ohio? You’re in luck! Ohio is an excellent shipping destination thanks to some major manufacturing hubs and large cities like Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland. Ohio has easy access with its central location in the midwest and interstates like I-70 or I-77 cutting right through the heart of the state. What does this all mean for you? Well, car shipping operates on volume. If a shipping destination is popular, that means a better rate for us and consequently for you. Being near the Great Lakes and huge auto destinations like Detroit means affordable car shipping rates for everybody who needs to ship a car to Ohio.

Since most of Ohio is well connected, even rural areas aren’t too difficult for transporters. If you’re out in a remote destination, let us know and we can work with you. Typically our carriers don’t have too much difficulty bringing a vehicle right to your driveway. But if an affordable rate is your main concern, consider shipping your car to the nearest metropolitan area instead. Hey, options are always a great thing!

Ohio is known as The Buckeye State because of the giant Buckeye trees, and that’s not all there is for natural beauty. Hocking Hills is a beautiful state park with incredible rock formations and even a waterfall or two. Looking for something a little more on the wild side? There are two well-known amusement parks in Ohio. Check out Cedar Point in Sandusky or King’s Island near Cincinnati.

We ship cars for all kinds of reasons to and from Ohio. Moving for a great job, moving military families from the two bases in the state, and of course, the snowbirds. Ohio has some tough winter weather!

Auto Transport in Columbus, Ohio

Tips for Ohio Auto Transport

Maybe you even found a great deal on a used car from a city in Ohio. It can be worth it to ship it home instead of buying a plane ticket. If your destination or origin for auto transport is Ohio, here are a few tips:

  1. Do pay attention to the winter weather seasons. This is a factor in the time it takes to ship your car! We’ll keep you updated but just be aware that the lake effect snow happens and could derail your plans.
  2. While Ohio is an affordable car shipping destination, if you are shipping to a more rural area give us a call. We can help you walk through all the options you have that might bring down your cost.
  3. If you’re a college student booking a fall transport, be sure to book your spring ASAP & ask us for college student and military discounts!

Always remember personal items are not allowed to be shipped with your car. This is for your safety and ours! Give us a call or fill out our instant online quote request for Ohio auto transport.

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