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Little known fact about Idaho – their state flag is the only one that was designed by a woman! This incredible state is sometimes dismissed as one of the “flyover” states but we love Idaho and all the things that make this incredible state of beauty stand out. First, there isn’t another state that has this unique shape! And, we all know that potatoes grown in Idaho are the best. Why is that? The soil has ideal conditions here; combine that with the climate and irrigation and you have lots of fantastic potatoes. Idaho also supplies the majority of the nation’s trout…so if you love food, this is the place for you. We ship cars in and out of cities all over Idaho and the rest of the northwest!

Auto Transport in Boise, Idaho

Moving to Idaho and Shipping a Car

Idaho is a big state, which can make it a tough destination for shipping. It’s also mostly rural, with the biggest city being Boise. That’s our most popular target for the whole state! This state isn’t very densely populated, which means shipping out to the more rural areas can be a bit more expensive, but that doesn’t mean we are unable to get your car to your door. If your location is near one of the major highways going through the state, that will help keep costs at a minimum for sure. Idaho is a beautiful state with mountain regions, canyons, and beautiful lakes. All of those features can also make access to certain areas a bit more difficult. You can trust that no matter where you’re shipping to in Idaho, we’ll do our best to keep you informed and avoid any surprise costs! Idaho isn’t our most popular shipping destination, but if you need auto transport for any reason, think of Crestline. Getting a quote is free and easy, and you’ll never have to worry about getting tons of calls or emails from auto transporters. We vet out every carrier we use and only ship cars using the best services! So if you’re moving, buying a car, or headed out to the mountains for a while…give us a call.

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