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Escaping to New Mexico to avoid winter weather? It’s not the most popular snowbird destination, but plenty of people love Santa Fe or Albuquerque for the dry, desert conditions. New Mexico really has quite a bit of varied geography including not only the desert, but beautiful natural forests and even the Rocky Mountains in the north central part of the state.

No trip to New Mexico would be complete without checking out the White Sands National Monument, giant dunes of seemingly endless pristine sand that cover 275 miles of desert! The views are breathtaking, and there’s plenty of sunshine to keep your spirits high.

If you’re moving to New Mexico or attending school there, you may need to ship your car. It can be a long ride coming from the east coast or northwest part of the U.S.! There are also several U.S. Air Force Bases located in New Mexico. We ship cars for members of the military and offer shipping discounts to our service men and women if they’re moving for a change of station.

Auto Transport in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Tips for New Mexico Auto Transport

Wow, New Mexico is a huge state! It’s the fifth largest state by land mass, actually. But in terms of population, it’s much farther down the list. Since there just aren’t that many people living in New Mexico, much of the area is desert and rural. This makes auto transport a bit more difficult, because our carriers like to ship to more popular destinations for cost-effectiveness. Here are some tips when you need to ship your car to NM:

Consider giving us a call to talk about your auto transport, if it’s to a less populous area of the state. We can usually work out a good solution to meet your budget!

Try getting a quote from our instant calculator to one of the more popular destinations like Albuquerque, Las Cruces, or even Santa Fe.

If all else fails, stick to areas along I-40 or I-25, major interstates throughout New Mexico. These are popular routes for our carriers on the way to Denver, Oklahoma City, or Los Angeles.

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