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Door to Door Car Shipping anywhere
in the Contiguous United States

“Door to Door Car Shipping” simply means that you won’t have to meet us at a terminal or another place to get your car. We’ll ship your car right to you, even if you don’t live in a major metro area! Now, we do occasionally have to get creative with a solution if you live out on a dirt road or down a very narrow street. If our trailer and driver can’t get to you, we’ll figure out a place to meet you like a public parking lot or another big space nearby. If at any point you have questions or concerns, you can just give our car shipping experts a call. You can always reach a live human being, not an automated machine service. We’re a different kind of auto transport company; one that really cares about getting your car where it needs to go on your timeline.

Is this your first time shipping a car? No problem. We can walk you all the way through the auto transport process, and even help you with other questions related to moving or auto transport. We’ll give you real-time updates as you ship your car, truck, SUV or really just about anything! Do you have a car that won’t start or doesn’t run anymore? No problem. Project cars, antique vehicles….from a move, to snowbirds, or even shipping a car you bought online, we handle it all.

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What is the difference between an
auto transport broker and a carrier?

If you’ve read any online reviews, you know that there are plenty of stories out there about auto transport gone wrong. But shipping your car doesn’t have to be a scary process if you have a reputable company that is backed by the proper insurance and licensing. There are two main ways people book car shipping services: you can go directly to the carrier (the person who owns the trailer that will physically ship your car) or an auto transport broker (someone who brokers the transaction and finds a carrier to ship your car, but they are responsible for the transaction).

Crestline Auto transport is a broker, and we are VERY careful about who we choose to work with. Our carriers must meet the highest standards of quality, maintain good standing within our network, and be fully licensed to operate with the Department of Motor Vehicles. They also must carry full insurance, and abide by our standards of service, which includes regular communication and fulfilling transports accurately and on time.

We take care of all that so you don’t have to. Book your car shipping with confidence!

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We will communicate with you during the car shipping process about where your vehicle is and its expected arrival.


You will never pay a deposit or any other hidden “fees” that are not part of your quote up front.


There will never be a cancellation fee if your plans change!

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