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If you’ve recently received your Permanent Change of Station (PCS) order, you might be checking into all your options to move for your new military duties. Selecting an auto transport company should be a simple task to check off your list, not a headache. Remember that staying organized will be helpful to you throughout this process! Create a binder for all your information, plan ahead, and you’ll have a successful PCS move.

Crestline Auto Transport provides nationwide delivery services, and we handle a great deal of vehicles that come through the processing center in Grand Prairie, Texas close to our headquarters in Dallas.. No matter where your PCS orders may take you, we’re more than able to get your vehicle there when you need it. We are also a registered contractor with the government, so we have experience in military car shipping and transport Privately Owned Vehicles (POV) that have been pre-arranged through various military stations.

As a military member, our Crestline team strongly believes that you and your family deserve the highest quality service, especially when it comes to relocation. We are committed to providing this service for you with our gratitude.

helpful tips for a smooth moving process

Relocation Benefits

Set up a meeting with your base transportation office to find out about your moving options and whether or not  you are entitled to any relocation benefits and in particular vehicle expenses.

Family Center

Get connected with the family center at your new location to get all kinds of resources free of charge from employment services to budgeting tips. They’ve done this before so you can trust their advice!

Moving Checklist

Work out a moving checklist with your moving company, as you will most likely be moving more than just your privately owned vehicle. Contact them early to get a reliable partner and an estimate for your budget.

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We have over forty years of combined transportation experience. Rely on the Crestline Auto Transport team for your military car shipping needs. For more information, please call us at 800.994.1208 anytime day or night.

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