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Our car shipping services are always fully insured and bonded

Are you looking for a trusted auto transport service provider? We arrange safe and reliable vehicle transportation by assigning each shipment to one of our pre-qualified and reputable auto transport carriers. We only represent active and insured carriers and we continually monitor our carriers’ performance, insurance and licenses to protect our customers’ interests.

Your vehicle will be shipped door to door rather than terminal to terminal. This means you don’t have to travel; we will do our best to bring your car right to your driveway! You will receive regular updates on the status of your transport, so no wondering when you car will arrive or be picked up. Since life changes frequently, we never charge deposits or cancellation fees. You schedule your transport with us and your credit card or choice of payment will be charged when your car is picked up. Need an enclosed carrier? No problem! Open carriers are the most common, but extra protection is often needed for high value antiques or classic model cars.

Crestline’s online quoting and booking portal allows you to get your quote fast, and complete the entire booking process online! Of course, if you need to talk to a real person and get any of your questions answered, you can feel free to give us a call. We also can give you a quote via text, and all we need are your vehicle details for your transport. Wondering what auto transport costs and how we figure all that out? Check out our guide that explains everything about car shipping quotes.

No matter your situation, Crestline offers many different options to handle any customer’s shipping request. Get an affordable car shipping quote today!

Individual Car Shipping Services

  • Personal Auto Transport

    Choose Crestline for all your personal auto transport needs. Moving for a new job? Military PCS orders? Snowbird heading south? Let us transport your vehicle from state to state; we’ll deliver to your front door.

  • Enclosed Car Shipping

    Protect your asset with enclosed car shipping. No road debris or bad weather concerns. Pricing for enclosed shipping services is higher than open trailer because of limited capacity in the marketplace, so be aware of the cost when selecting your transport option.

  • Auto Auction

    Taking your classic car to the auction? What about the car show? Purchasing a vehicle (or multiple cars) from an auto auction like Barrett-Jackson, Manheim, or Mecum? We’ll protect your vintage autos and take good care of them during transport.

Business Auto Transport Services

  • Auto Dealership

    We offer a comprehensive shipping program for dealers to help solve their transportation needs. Dealers can take advantage of our value-added shipping services: Dealer Trades Requests, Dealer to Customer Requests, Online Purchases & Auction to Dealer Requests.

  • Enterprise Car Shipping

    If you own a company where you’re dealing with work trucks or vehicles, we can help when it comes time to repair or replace. Shipping multiple vehicles will get you a discount! Use Crestline’s Enterprise Auto Transport services.

  • Fleet Vehicles

    We ship more than just cars. If you’re the fleet manager for any kind of vehicle, including government fleet vehicles like police cars or ambulances, farm equipment, or sporting vehicles, we can handle your shipping needs. Check out our fleet vehicle shipping services.

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