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How far north can you go in the United States? Well, above North Dakota lies Canada, so this is the end of the line. While this state in the top 20 in terms of land mass, North Dakota ranks the fourth smallest by population. There’s not many people scattered throughout the Great Plains. Rich in Native American history, there are lots of opportunities to celebrate the heritage of this state at one of its many festivals.

Now, without a lot of people, there just isn’t very much demand for shipping cars to North Dakota. The largest city in the state is Fargo, and even then there’s not more than 150,000 people there! Because much of the state is rural farm land (covering 90% of the state, in fact) auto transport tends to be more expensive. Shipping to Fargo or Bismarck is a possibility, but it all depends on the popularity of the route. Our best recommendation is to call and work with us to figure out a shipping solution that meets your needs. We can help you figure out some options, giving you tips and advice for your situation.

Auto Transport in Bismarck, North Dakota

Shipping a Car to North Dakota

Are you moving to North Dakota? Taking an extended trip or maybe buying or selling a car to someone in North Dakota? Shipping needs arise for all kinds of reasons and that is why our team exists. We’ll help you get your car from Texas to North Dakota, or shipped with any other combination of states! If you’re headed out to the great plains, keep these things in mind:

  1. Book ahead & stay flexible with your shipping windows. With routes to North Dakota being in less demand, it could take a little longer to find a carrier who is headed your way.
  2. Get a rate online, but also give us a call. Our transport experts can help you figure out the best solution, which may be a creative one you haven’t thought of yet! This can also save you some money and time.
  3. Military families, don’t forget to ask us about our discounts on PCS shipments.

Need to know how much it will cost to ship your car to North Dakota? We’re ready to help. Call us or text today to get an instant rate.

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