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Let’s be honest; the real reason most people are heading to Nevada is for the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. And rightfully so…there isn’t a whole lot of anything else in Nevada except for miles and miles of desert! And Las Vegas has a lot to offer with 24 hour casinos, incredible shows to see, themed hotels, and endless buffet choices. For a weekend or even a few weeks of a break from harsh winter weather, Nevada is a hot spot in the west for sure. Don’t forget that just 30 miles from Vegas is also the famous Hoover Dam! Reno and Las Vegas are the two biggest metro areas in the state, and most of the population resides in them as well. That makes these two cities the most popular auto transport destinations, with affordable rates.

Auto Transport in Carson, Nevada

How to Ship a Car to Nevada

Need to find a way to ship a car or SUV to Nevada? Plenty of people prefer their own vehicle to explore the desert and the Strip alike. If you’re headed to Reno or Vegas you’ll get a great rate and our auto transport team can meet just about any timeline. If you’re looking to ship somewhere a bit more remote in Nevada, we might have to get creative. Between highway 15 and 80 is a lot of desert, and it’s pretty rare for any auto transport company to have a shipment to the middle of nowhere. Remember, the open auto transport trailers we use can fit 8-10 vehicles on them; and auto shippers won’t ship an empty trailer! But that doesn’t mean a remote destination cannot be done. We’ll find a way to get your car to you. Be sure to give our team a call so we can discuss all the options. For any car shipping trip, make sure you remove any personal items from your vehicle and leave the gas tank almost empty (about 1/4 of a tank). We are fully insured and credentialed for your safety and the wellbeing of your car.

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