Buying a Car at a Dealership or Online

Times sure have changed. A few years ago it was a pretty trendy concept to make purchases online. It started out with things like clothes and electronics. You could buy something small, at a lower price point, and get your feet wet in the online e-commerce business.

This week we want to comment on an article we re-posted from this past week about car buying online with your smartphone:

  • “Men (41%) were almost twice as likely to consider buying a big ticket item on their smartphone as women (21%).”
  • “Folks in the $150,000+ income bracket were more likely to buy online.”
  • “43% believed they would save at least $2,000 by buying a car on the smartphone.”
  • “31% believed they would shave three to four hours off the transaction time.”

Those are big statements! We’re not talking about quickly placing an order on your smartphone for pizza. This is your vehicle, one of your biggest assets! How is this shift happening? It’s certainly affecting everyone from dealers to people in the auto transport industry.

Car buying (both used and new cars) has broken all boundaries of locality and become a process with hundreds of options. Dealers no longer are bound to the lot, instead maintaining incredibly complex online portals for vehicle shopping. They’ve got 360 degree videos, lists upon lists of features, reviews, and more. There isn’t much left out of the online shopping experience.

Should you buy a car from a physical dealership
or online using your smartphone or computer?

It depends. The attractive part of buying a vehicle online is the fact that you can escape the age-old perception of car dealers. You know, the classic used car salesman who’s got a reputation for being pushy, trying to sell you more than you can afford. That is not always the case! At Crestline we work with hundreds of exceptional dealerships across the country. The service and knowledge they offer cannot be paralleled.

What it really comes down to is individual preference, and your “buying style.” Do you like to have options? Do you know exactly what you want? Are you a focused shopper? Do you do research very well on your own?

When buying a car online

  • Do your due diligence in finding out all the details about the car’s history, etc. if it is a used vehicle
  • Consider looking out of state to get the best deal
  • Find out about return policy/guarantees, etc.
  • If you do buy a car from another state, consider how you’ll ship it to your house! (We offer quick auto transport quotes)

When buying a car at a dealership

  • Take advantage of the knowledge and expertise of the salesman.
  • Test drive – on the highway and on city streets
  • Ask questions! Find out what other consumers have said about the vehicle, have there been any complaints, etc.
  • Always follow up to make sure you’re getting a good deal (the Internet comes in handy here)
  • Communicate your objective each time you go to the dealership as to your purpose for the trip

Buying a car online does not give you the option of touching, feeling, and experiencing a vehicle, but it can come close. Do your research as knowledge is always your best defense. The Auto Remarketing article, nearly 86% of people still want to test drive a vehicle before they buy! Keep in mind that not every model drives exactly the same.

Is a new or used car purchase in your future? With car loan rates and gas prices at affordable rates, now is a great time to consider buying a car. What’s your buying preference? If you need to ship a new or used car, Crestline will care for your vehicle like its our own. Our service is what sets us apart. Call us at 800.994.1208 or request your auto transport quote online for your new or used car today.

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