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What’s that teeny tiny state up on the top of the U.S. map next to Maine? It’s New Hampshire, a big winter destination for skiers and snow lovers. Headed to New Hampshire for an extended winter vacation of a lifetime? Or perhaps you want to escape from the snow and ice! If you need to ship a car in or out of New Hampshire, you may have a tough time finding a reputable auto transport service to ship it there for you. That’s because New Hampshire is first of all a small state, it has one of the smallest populations of any state in the U.S. Secondly, there just are not many major metropolitan areas or thoroughfares going through the state. Auto transport is all about volume and popular destinations; if your origin or destination is out of the ordinary, it can be hard to find a shipping partner. Boston, MA is a close metropolitan area, so be sure to consider shipping your car to Boston as a secondary option if you’re on a budget or a timeline. Our auto transport team can certainly work with you if you need to ship a car in or out of this northeastern state!

Auto Transport in Concord, New Hampshire

How to Ship a Car to New Hampshire

For a small state like New Hampshire, we recommend giving our team a call to work through the logistics. Figure out your timeline – what day do you need your car and how fast does it need to get there? When you’re thinking of budget, try to be as flexible as possible. If we can get several vehicles headed to the same place at the same time, we’re in luck! Consider shipping to a nearby metro area, like Boston. When you’re getting ready to ship your car, be sure you remove all personal items. It’s a common question we receive, but you cannot put boxes in your car or fill your trunk with the leftovers from your move!

Are you a New Hampshire snowbird? Read more about our auto transport services for snowbirds; we can get your car to your snowbird destination and back on your schedule so you can avoid any extended rental car fees. As always, feel free to start by getting an instant quote!

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