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North Dakota ranks the fourth smallest by population, followed by South Dakota (surprise!). Both of these states have miles and miles of prairie land, but they’re not exactly known for their big metropolitan cities. Unlike its northern neighbor, however, South Dakota might have a bit more of a reputation as a prominent tourist destination. There’s the famous Mount Rushmore Memorial and the Crazy Horse Memorial, and also some beautiful spots for fishing and kayaking.

There simply isn’t a big demand for auto transport services in South Dakota. But, if you do need to ship a car here you might try Sioux Falls or Rapid City to keep costs down. I-90 is a good bet, as the major east-west artery throughout the state.

Auto Transport in Pierre, South Dakota

Shipping a Car to South Dakota

For any reason – if you’re moving, or perhaps being relocated to the Ellsworth Air Force Base – it is possible to ship a car to South Dakota. But these are the things you should know about auto transport here:

  1. Prepare for it to be a little more expensive. Use our instant quoting system on our site to see what a rate might be. BUT – don’t stop there! Give us a call and let us know your details. If you’re flexible with your dates or destination city, we can work with you!
  2. MOST of the state is rural. Consider making arrangements to ship to a more populated area – Sioux City, Sioux Falls, or even Omaha, NE are great options that could save you a lot.
  3. Do lots of research. Yes, get a quote from us – but even consider a local company. We want you to have a great experience so just make sure you choose an auto transport company that is licensed, bonded, and insured! The most important thing is that your car arrives safe and in great condition.
  4. Don’t forget about those harsh winter conditions. It’s worth it to get a tune-up on your vehicle before you ship it all the way to South Dakota!

We’re ready to help if you need to get a quote for South Dakota car shipping. Call us or text today to get an instant rate.

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