College Student Car Shipping

Ship Your Car Back To School

Shipping a vehicle to university with Crestline Auto Transport is a safe alternative to sending your college student on a long road trip alone. We have years of experience moving vehicles and we will do everything we can to ensure that you are satisfied with our services. When you leave the logistics to us, your focus can be on getting your student settled in and ready for classes, instead of preparing for a trip across the country!

We can ship to any university in the 48 states. Heading to the University of Texas at Austin? New York University? Going West to UCLA? It doesn’t matter if you’re attending a school a few hundred miles from home or a few thousand, getting your education is a worthy pursuit! Stay focused on squeezing all you can out of dorm life, classes, and exploring a new city. Don’t worry about the long trips home, especially after a grueling week of finals. Ship your car home with us, and we’ll deliver your car right to your driveway.

College tuition is already expensive, and we won’t add to that stress. Book early for the lowest rates, and be sure to give us all the details you can about your student’s car up front. We NEVER charge a cancellation fee or tack on extra surprises. Call us or even text us to get a quote and get your vehicle ready for shipping!

Vehicle Shipment Arrangement Guidelines

Vehicle Condition

Leave a little less than 1/4 of a tank of gas available for driving on and off the truck. Take pictures of the vehicle prior to being transported so the condition can be noted. Make sure that the vehicle is operable so that our transporter will have no problems loading or unloading it.


Our transporters do not have the authority nor proper insurance coverage to transport household items. Please remove all personal items from inside the vehicle prior to transport as our transporters will not be responsible for any loss or damage to personal items. It’s just not worth the risk!


When choosing a destination address for the vehicle delivery, consider the surrounding location.  Most college campuses are not designed to have large trucks maneuvering their streets, so your best bet would be to choose a large parking lot or anywhere that has plenty of space.  Also, make sure that you or your child will be at the given destination at the time the vehicle is delivered.  This is important so the transporter can get sign-off on the vehicle inspection or condition report, and hand the keys over. Please be aware that the driver most likely has other vehicles to deliver, so your prompt presence at delivery is essential.

For more information about our college student car shipping services, please call us at 800.994.1208. We are available 24/7!

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