Offer Car Shipping Services to your Clients

You’re the Expert at Moving Households

Packing up room after room in homes all over America, taking care to wrap furniture and valuables. You carefully load the truck, doing your best to safely deliver all the family’s belongings. Moving is never completely stress free, but hiring a capable moving company cuts down on anxiety for your clients.

As a moving company, you might hear this question from your clients. “What do I do with my car?” After all, most families have more than one vehicle. And, if families are moving across the country, they might prefer to take a plane instead of spending hours on a road trip (especially if they’re relocating for a new job and on a deadline). Wouldn’t it be great if you could partner with an auto transport company like Crestline and offer a solution for your customers?

Now you can seamlessly offer your moving and relocation services and add value with auto transport. We’ll arrange car shipping so your clients have their vehicles where they need them and when they need them as they arrive at their new home.

How Does it Work?

We are both in the business of relocation. Why not capitalize on what you do best? We’ll create a custom plan that aligns with your objectives and ultimately helps you better serve your customers. There are two ways Crestline can partner with you. Send clients directly to us for auto transport needs or get a great rate from us and white label our services to include in your initial offer for moving services. We are flexible and reliable. You and your clients will receive real-time updates about their car’s status and have access to the best customer support in the industry for any questions or concerns. What are you waiting for?

Let’s Get Moving!

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