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Beach, sand, and sun. Oh, and Disneyworld? Done! Book us our vacation to Florida!

If you can’t tell, we’re a bit jealous of our Florida friends. Texas is great, but even we have to admit that our beaches don’t really hold a candle to those in Florida. And obviously, if you’ve got Disneyworld, you win! Are you thinking about heading to Florida for the winter to get away from the cold and snow? What about an extended family vacation in a condo down on the beach in Destin?

Whatever your reason, you can take your car with you, from any state in the lower 48.

How? Ship your car to any popular destination in Florida with an auto transport company. It’s easy; we ship cars every day to destinations like Orlando, Tallahassee, Kissimmee, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, and more. Maybe you’re moving to Florida this year or relocating for your job. We even ship cars to Florida universities for college students who would otherwise be facing a long road trip. Trying to decide if shipping a car is right for you? No obligation when you get a quote from us.

Auto Transport in Orlando, Florida

Making the Snowbird-Style Trip to Florida?

Crestline provides Florida Auto Transport from anywhere in the United States. Maybe you’re a snowbird from Wisconsin, Michigan, or New York. Florida is a great place to be for those cold dark months! Don’t worry about renting a vehicle. Crestline will get your vehicle safely to Florida without the wear and tear of a road trip. You can simply catch a plane and arrive to see your vehicle in the driveway! When the snowbird season is over and it’s comfortable at home once again, we’ll get your vehicle back safe and sound within on your timetable.

And don’t forget we aren’t just a car shipping company! You can take your boat, motorcycle, or ATV’s to Florida too!

Get your free, no obligation, Florida Auto Transport quote today. There are never any hidden fees or pushy sales people. You’ll get one quote, from one company. That’s a promise!

Resources When Moving to Florida

We love this moving-to-Florida guide from Life Storage. A few highlights that make moving to Florida attractive? No state income tax, and when compared to many places in the U.S., Florida has lower housing costs. Saving money is always a bonus. You’ll definitely need some of these links for switching your driver’s license and taking care of some other business when moving to Florida:

Drivers License & Motor Vehicle Registration

Insurance Information

Official State Florida Website

Real Estate and Housing Market Data

How can we help you in your move to Florida? Let us know!

Common Car Shipping Routes To or From Florida

Miami, FL
New York, NY

Orlando, FL
Chicago, IL

Orlando, FL
Dallas, TX

Miami, FL
Los Angeles, CA

It’s hard to give blanket estimates for costs as shipping a car depends on the type of vehicle, the time of year, and the specific city origin and destination. But we work hard to give honest, accurate quotes in real-time. All you have to do is call us, text us, or submit your vehicle details to get a rate in seconds.

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