Buying a Car Out of State

Buying a Car Out of State – It’s So Easy!

Are you in the market for a car? Now, with just a few keystrokes or swipes, you can find the exact new car you’re looking for, a spectacular car deal, or the perfect used car.

If you’re thinking about buying a car out of state, make sure you understand everything involved in this type of purchase. Although you may be able to save money or find a very specific vehicle that is not available locally, without careful planning, you could be burdened with additional costs – especially if you are buying from a private sellar. Here are a few steps you might face along the journey:

  • Getting a vehicle history report.
  • Having an inspection.
  • Paying sales tax.
  • Obtaining required safety and emissions test results.
  • Registering the car.
  • Insuring the car.
  • Transporting the car.
  • Obtaining the title.

It’s important to consider both the benefits and drawbacks of buying an out-of-state vehicle online.

Things to Consider When Buying a Car Out of State

If you’re looking for a rare model, you may have a hard time finding the right car if you restrict your search to your state alone. Crossing state lines may give you a wider selection to choose from.

What’s more, car valuations are based on several factors, including where the car is located. It’s possible to find exactly the same model in another state with a lower sales price than what your local dealership is charging. By expanding your search, you’ll have the opportunity to compare more prices and potentially save money.

If the car isn’t nearby, you may need to ship it. Buying a car out of state and having it shipped is a very common practice and could financially make a lot of sense for you.

Remember to take estimated sales tax into account, too, which can vary based on where you’re registering the vehicle. When you end up buying a car in another state, you pay taxes in the state where you register the vehicle, not where you purchased it. The actual process of calculating the correct tax amount and remitting it to your home state can be handled differently when buying a car in a different state.

If you are ready to buy a car in another state and are wondering what the transport cost might be, get a free, no-obligation quote! We are happy to help make buying a car online possible.

The Challenges of Buying a Car Out of State

The main drawback to buying a used car out of state from a dealer or buying a car out of state from a private seller is that the process can be more complicated. Each state has its own requirements for sales tax, registration, and emissions. For instance, the dealership may not offer to handle tax and registration remittance for you, in this case, you should contact the dealership’s title department to see if they can walk you through the steps you’ll need to take back in your home state. You can also refer to your state and local tax laws and remit payment on your own. However, if you buy a car out of state through a private seller, the tax liability is all on you.

Other states require you to have a temporary registration, trip permit, or transport permit. Driving a vehicle with no temporary registration visible or license plates will get you stopped by the police in most states.

You should also check with your auto insurance company if you buy a car out of state to make sure your new ride is covered for the drive home.

With Crestline, you won’t have to worry about driving hours or possibly days away in order to retrieve a car you bought out of state and then get it home safely. Get your car home quickly and easily (and remove two of the challenges from the list above) by shipping it straight to your door! Get a quote anytime.

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