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Don’t be fooled by the small size of Massachusetts. This state is packed with historical significance, chief of them being the beautiful city of Boston. There is so much to experience and see here, from the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park to the Boston Harbor. The sixth state in the United States, Massachusetts holds a lot of “firsts.” Out of Massachusetts came the first railroad, the first subway, and the first cotton mill. Today, people come from all over to experience Boston, and students from all around the globe attend the prestigious universities here including Harvard, Amherst College, Williams College, Wellesley College, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Boston is also well-known for the Boston Marathon, held each year on the third Monday of April.

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Are you moving to Massachusetts? Taking an extended vacation? Need to get to your university but don’t want to drive your unreliable car? Hire a reliable MA auto transport company. We’ll take care of the logistics, and leave you to enjoy your trip with a car to see the sights. If Massachusetts will be your new home, you’re in luck. This state ranks in the top ten for things like healthcare, education, economy, and opportunity according to U.S. News. With proximity to other giants like New York City, Hartford, Concord, and Providence, getting around can be a bit tricky. Avoid the traffic, the delays, and let us take care of it! To get the best deal on your car shipping, be sure to get a quote early and be flexible with your drop-off and pick-up dates if you can.

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