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We love this state. First of all, it’s a hub for a lot of our military members we enjoy servicing. More on that in a minute. We want to brag on Virginia!

There is rich history in this state, as it owns the right to claim status as the first colony in the 1600s when English landed on the shore. You remember Jamestown, right? That was the first of the 13 original colonies. More than half of the Civil War battles were also fought here. The Chesapeake Bay is something to see, and is still a main coastal waterway today. As such, Virginia is the home for the United States Navy’s Atlantic Fleet. For these reasons and many more, Virginia is a place every American should visit.

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Making a PCS Move Into or Out of Virginia?

While we provide all our services nationwide, we serve a good portion of our military in Virginia. Along the coast are Marine Corps Base Quantico, Langley Air Force Base, and Fort A.P. Hill. There are actually 6 army bases, 1 air force base, 7 coast guard bases, 2 Marine Corps bases, and 11 Navy Bases in Virginia.

This means there are a lot of military families moving in and out of Virginia each year as they receive change of station orders. We would be honored to serve you as you ship your private vehicle in a PCS move.

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