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Why Crestline Offers the Best Auto Transport Services

We are proud to offer the best auto transport service in the United States. What sets us apart from other auto transport providers? It’s our commitment to our customers. We simply aren’t interested in booking your car shipping, and then leaving you for the rest of the process. We’ll stand by your side from the time you request a quote, all the way through to when your car has been delivered to you. In an industry plagued by mistrust and a lack of honesty, our company exists to serve as a solution. From auto dealers to individuals who need help with moving across the country, we are dedicated to your experience. Just read our five star reviews to find out what our customers think. Our customers consistently give us top ratings on Google, Transport Reviews, and Facebook that reflect our track record. We stand by our rates and we aren’t a factory transport lead provider. As a reputable auto transport broker, we work with our customers. Is there a specific budget level you’re trying to meet? Let us know and we will try to work with you. There is always a solution with logistics; sometimes we have to get creative. You can call back six weeks after getting a quote, and chat with the same transport professional! No call centers, no smoke screens. Just honest, real rates.

How Auto Transport Works

Shipping cars is more than finding an open spot on a trailer for your origin and destination. It’s about getting all the right pieces together at the right time! It takes experience to make it happen. In addition to our fantastic transport team, we are licensed and bonded, and we never ever sell your information to third parties. You can safely request a quote, knowing that you won’t be hassled by 10 other companies and you are looking into a legitimate, transport company that has been operating out of our headquarters in Dallas, TX for more than a decade. Try Crestline, and experience how easy and stress-free the process of shipping a car can be.

Shipping Your Privately Owned Vehicle is Easy

Choosing an auto transport company to ship a vehicle you own? While it may seem overwhelming (there are so many options!) there’s no need to be dismayed. Proper preparation can ensure that your vehicle transport will be an easy and stress-free event. When searching for the right auto transport services provider to move your vehicle, be sure to not only consider the price, but also verify the company’s credentials such as active insurance, licensing, registration and customer reviews. This is crucial! Be a bit careful for anyone who asks you to pay up front or who cannot give you a confirmed pick up and drop off date. And remember, cheaper isn’t always better! Our reviews speak for themselves about our five star customer service and communication in every car shipment we complete.

Ship a Car in your Move

Getting ready for an upcoming move? More and more, companies are looking for employees who are willing to relocate if necessary.  This is a big decision & many factors come into play. With over forty years of combined transportation experience, let our dedicated Crestline Auto Transport staff help you in making the right choice on auto transport services & make your move easier for you.

Classic & Antique Car Shipping

Do you collect classic cars? Got an exotic vehicle you love to show off? We’re proud to be the preferred auto transport company for car collectors of exotic & classic vehicles. When choosing an auto transport company for an upcoming specialty vehicle shipment, proper preparation can ensure that your transport will be an easy & stress-free event. You may need special consideration like an enclosed trailer to help keep your vehicle protected in the shipping process. Be sure to not only consider the price, but also verify the company’s relevant credentials.

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