Snowbird Auto Transport

Ship your car south for snowbird season

Do you divide your time between seasonal homes to avoid the cold at all costs? We understand (our headquarters is located in Texas, after all). A lot of folks who live in the northern or colder climates in the United States head south for the winter months. Shoveling snow, driving in dangerous winter weather, plus the sub-zero temperatures are all reasons to spend the season in a warmer place.

Most snowbirds typically head south in the fall, as soon as temperatures begin to drop. Where’s your favorite warm-weather spot? California, Arizona, Florida, Texas…these are popular snowbird destinations, boasting warm, dry temperatures nearly year round. Fortunately, we provide snowbird auto transport services all over the United States and Canada. No matter where you’re heading, we’ll be glad to help you get your vehicle there too.

There are so many reasons to ship your car during the snowbird travel seasons. First of all, winter driving conditions are dangerous. Why worry or risk getting caught in an early season snowstorm? Oftentimes it’s already a long trip and bad weather may delay you, making your travel time much longer than expected. By shipping your car, you can also save the money you would normally have spent on hotels, food, gas, or even vehicle emergencies. Plus, you save all the miles you’d be putting on your car! One last reason? Renting a car for an extended period of time gets expensive. You can have your own vehicle that you’re comfortable driving.

Choose Crestline for your Snowbird Auto Transport! Here’s why other snowbirds choose us:

  • We work around your schedule to arrange pickup and delivery when and where you need it. We provide timely service so that your vehicle arrives at your destination at your convenience.  All we need are your travel dates and times!
  • We provide free quotes and fair, affordable pricing every time. (No price hikes during the highly traveled “snowbird seasons!”)
  • We deliver the quality of service that assures on-time and, most importantly, damage-free vehicle delivery.  We have the experience and expertise to transport vehicles safely, leaving you worry-free!

For more information about our snowbird auto transport, please call us at 800.994.1208. We can’t wait to help you get to the warm weather.

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