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Maine is heartbreakingly beautiful. The state furthest north in the continental US, Maine boasts beautiful views of a rocky picturesque coast to the south and rolling mountains dotted with deep forests to the north. While this isn’t a heavily populated state, plenty of people visit Maine for that very reason. It’s an area with rich maritime history; there are endless lighthouses, ports, and rocky beaches to be explored. Don’t forget about the seafood; grab a lobster bib and dig in!

Auto Transport in Augusta, Maine

Shipping a Car to Maine?

The thing about Maine is that it’s not exactly a centralized location. It’s not easy to get to, requiring drivers to navigate parts of Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, or even New York. This can be a very long drive, adding miles and wear and tear to your vehicle. Just going from Chicago to Augusta could take you more than 18 hours! We provide door to door service in and out of Maine. How much does it cost to ship a car to Maine? These routes can be more expensive than other well-traveled routes. Our carriers ship to larger cities in Maine, like Portland, Augusta, and even Bangor. Going further north to the more remote areas is possible, but could be more costly. If you want to keep expenses low, you might be able to make arrangements to pick up your vehicle in a major city along highway 95. Be sure to talk to our car shipping experts about all your options for shipping to Maine. We would love to work with you and get the auto transport you need at the right price. Are you a Maine snowbird? Read more about our auto transport services for snowbirds; we can get your car to your snowbird destination and back on your schedule so you can avoid any extended rental car fees. As always, feel free to start by getting an instant quote!

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