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Enclosed Car Shipping

Ultimate protection with enclosed car shipping

Enclosed auto transport services are available for those who want to protect their vehicles from road debris or winter weather. There is an extra cost associated with shipping your car in an enclosed trailer, and some main other differences you should know about. For one, enclosed auto transport trailers cannot haul as many vehicles at a time as an open trailer can. Open trailers can carry up to ten vehicles at once while enclosed trailers can only carry two or three vehicles at a time, and they have special equipment to load and unload the vehicles. This explains the added cost; it’s not as efficient to ship vehicles in a covered trailer, but it is certainly possible. Enclosed shipping looks a lot like any other 18-wheeler on the road.

When should you pay extra for enclosed car shipping?

Not everyone needs enclosed shipping. After all, cars are built to be driven and can withstand the elements like wind, rain, ice, and dirt and dust on a regular basis. Your average driver needing to transport a car doesn’t need to spring for an enclosed trailer. But there are certainly special cases when it is worth it to consider enclosed shipping. Not sure? You can always ask our dedicated shipping team for both quotes. We are happy to help and will never pressure you into extras for auto transport.

Transporting a high-end luxury vehicle

Is your vehicle worth a lot of money? Is it a one-of-a-kind, custom vehicle? If so, you might want to get the extra protection of covered transport. Brand new paint job? Custom detailing? Enclosed shipping is a good option for these kinds of cars; they need the white glove treatment!

Shipping in Bad Weather

If you live in an area that is prone to dust storms, hail, or harsh winter it may be worth it. Keep in mind that salt used to melt ice on the roads is extremely hard on vehicles. Enclosed shipping may be a good idea for people shipping to or from areas with extreme winter weather conditions.

Moving classic or vintage cars

A 1960 mint condition convertible might require special care and handling to maintain its value. Enclosed auto carriers have special straps and securing mechanisms that reduce vehicle movement during transport. If your vehicle is delicate or vintage, this extra protection may be necessary.

Want to know more about the difference between open and enclosed car shipping options? Visit our Trailer Types page for details on each. (It’s fascinating what goes into auto transport – it takes precision, planning, and a knowledgeable carrier!) Not sure if enclosed auto shipping is right for you? That’s okay! Our quotes are always free and come with no obligation. You can get two quotes – one for enclosed shipping, and one for using an open carrier. Compare the price difference and let us know how we can make your auto shipping experience the best one ever.

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