Ship a Car from Texas to California

Booking your car shipping from Texas to California is a breeze, thanks to the demand for this route! High volume means great rates and thankfully, this direct route is usually free of any significant weather challenges like you’d see in New York or another northern route. Our auto shippers can sail through New Mexico and Arizona without any worries about winter weather, as long as they avoid the mountain ranges!

Why is car shipping from Texas to California such a hot route? It works both ways – people are moving from giant metro areas (like DFW and Los Angeles) in each state all the time thanks to strong economies and opportunities for jobs. There’s also a lot of miles between these two very large states. Going from northern California to the southern coast of Texas could mean over 34 hours on the road; who wants to travel that distance in a car? Texas and California both fall into the top five largest (by land mass) states. It’s a lot easier to ship your vehicle and take a short plane ride, or drive the other car if you own more than one vehicle.

So if you find yourself needing to ship a car from Texas to California for a move, to go to college, or for a military change of station, look no further for great rates and service on the timetable you need.

Popular Routes from Texas to California

Back to all those miles between the states. For example, going from Los Angeles, CA to Dallas, TX is a whopping 21 hour trip! It would take two days to drive, in addition to the fees for hotels, gas, and food. And you should always remember that your time is worth money. If you’re moving from Texas to California, you might be able to save money by shipping your car instead of embarking upon a long road trip.

Dallas/Fort Worth

Popular Car Shipping Routes in Texas - Dallas

San Antonio, TX

Popular Car Shipping Routes in Texas - San Antonio

Houston, TX

Shipping a car to California? This state covers more than half the western coast of the U.S. You might be shipping to one of these popular destinations: 

Los Angeles, CA

San Francisco, CA

Popular Car Shipping Routes in California - San Francisco

San Diego, CA

What Does it Cost to Ship a Car from Texas to California?

It may cost less than you think. Often it is under $800 to ship a vehicle more than 1,300 miles. Here are some examples of recent auto transports our team has completed from Texas to California:

BMW X5 Shipped to CA

We shipped a BMX X5 1,446 miles – from Dallas, TX to Torrance, CA for $780.

Nissan Pathfinder Shipped to CA

We shipped a Nissan Pathfinder 1,339 miles – from San Antonio, TX to Irvine, CA for $745.

Toyota Corolla Shipped to CA

We shipped a Toyota Corolla 1,759 miles – from Austin, TX to San Francisco, CA for $865.

Jeep Wrangler Shipped to CA

We shipped a Jeep Wrangler 802 miles – from El Paso, TX to Los Angeles, CA for $685.

Moving from California to Texas?

Steady economic growth. Job creation. Lower home prices. What’s not to love about Texas? It’s no surprise that there have been mass migrations of both companies and individuals from California to Texas over the last few years. Toyota, Boeing, and other major corporations have relocated all or part of their headquarters to the southern state recently.

Quartz reports that “From 2010 to 2016, Texas took in the biggest number of domestic migrants of any state, adding 867,000 new residents.”

Just as Texas to California is a popular, affordable route, we’ll ship from California to Texas as well.

If you’ve never booked auto transport before, be sure to check out our guide on how the car shipping industry works. Still thinking about it? Get a quote from our team and we’ll help you figure out if shipping your car is right for you. We’re never pushy and we don’t sell your information to multiple carriers. You’ll get one quote from our transportation team and communicate with us from pickup to delivery right to your door.

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