Why are so Many People Moving to Dallas?

Jobs are Bigger in Dallas

The Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex has been growing steadily for years, with the most dramatic percentages occurring in the last five years – some things really are bigger in Texas! The area is home to more than 20 Fortune 500 companies like AT&T and ExxonMobil, and hundreds of national brands maintain Dallas area headquarters. You may have seen big names like Toyota, Liberty Mutual, and FedEx making headlines as they’re opening new headquarters or moving operations to the DFW area. These moves compounded with growth of smaller local companies equate to hundreds of available jobs, a booming economy, a low unemployment rate, and a thriving market for everything from real estate to retail.

The Toyota HQ move alone (from California to West Plano) is expected to be responsible for an influx of roughly 4,000 individuals in early 2017. While mostly speculation, reasons cited for the move have included everything from no state income tax to affordable housing.

In a 2013 article, Forbes.com claims Texas crushed the competition for best cities for good jobs.  Recent graduates can find jobs. Dallas is quickly becoming a contender as a place for startups and entrepreneurs on the cutting edge of technology.

Dallas is at the top of the list when considering relocation

Consistent Job Growth
Low Unemployment Rate (as of 2015 it was 3.8%)
Affordable Housing
Solid Economy

It’s more than just the positive numbers. Dallas and its suburbs boast quality school districts with invested teachers and communities. It’s a truly diverse city – both culturally and in a business sense with opportunity spanning thousands of industries. The surrounding areas have a lot to offer the outdoor-enthusiast with lakes perfect for boating or water sports. There are also plenty of trails for horseback riding or four wheeling. DFW, as we locals like to call it, has just about anything you could be looking for.

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