Three Best Websites for Buying a Used Car Online

Let us start out by saying that no real online experience can ever fully replace the auto dealership. The test driving, the opinions of a real human being, and the ability to be able to touch, smell, and examine a vehicle for yourself is just something that a computer can’t replace! There are a lot of quality auto dealers out there who are experts at their craft and genuinely love cars and connecting the right people with the right vehicle.

But, if you have had a negative experience with an auto dealer, that can permanently alter your view on the car buying process. In fact, some people just can’t stand the idea of setting foot in a dealership. Other factors (like if it is excessively hot or cold where you live, or if the options are just LIMITED) can make that experience a bit less appealing as well. That’s why there are options to complete the car buying process COMPLETELY online. Yes, financing, and even “testing” a car out for a few days is now possible.

We’re sure you’ve seen the commercials. Is it really as easy as they make it sound? Are you brave enough to go this route? Have you done it before? It is pretty tempting to be able to make a big purchase like this without ever having to leave the comfort of your home, or your pajamas.

The Best Three Websites for Buying a Used Car Online

3 Online Car Dealerships - Joydrive


Joydrive’s website is super easy to use and we love that they explain the whole process up front. Basically you sign up and pay a $199 deposit fee to find your car from registered dealer members. You’re buying from an auto dealer 100% online. (Decide not to buy? You get that $199 back). Put in all your settings for what you’re looking for: new, certified, pre-owned, your price range, mileage, or even a specific auto dealer you want to check out. Per their website: “All pre-owned vehicles have been thoroughly inspected, have less than 70k miles, and are 7 model years or newer.” They have TONS of photos to look at for each car, and free delivery. You get five days, and up to 250 miles to test out your vehicle. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

3 Online Car Dealerships - Vroom


Vroom boasts over 250,000 satisfied customers. View cars and find what you’re looking for easily without entering any information. Once you’re ready to purchase? You can call them to ask any questions, and apply for financing directly from the site. Once you’ve got your financing or method of payment lined up, then you’re charged a $500 deposit to put a hold on your vehicle until everything comes through. With every vehicle, you get 24/7 roadside assistance for one year included! You have seven days to return your vehicle if it’s not right for you. All in all, we’ve seen reviews that say this process moves pretty quick – once you’ve figured out which vehicle you want & get your financing lined up you can have your car delivered within just a few days!

3 Online Car Dealerships - Carvana


Caravana may be the biggest player in the online car buying space. Who hasn’t seen the “That didn’t suck!” commercials? We love Carvana’s web interface – it makes the process so easy. They walk you through it all, and have over 17,000 cars available. You can get your car shipped to you, or you can visit one of the nearly 20 car vending machines they have to pick it up (we have one near our Dallas office!) Shipping is free if you’re within one of their local markets, but if you decide you want to fly and drive to pick up your car, Carvana will even subsidize $200 of your airfare. They also offer online financing with 100% transparency about what your downpayment will be and your interest rate, or you can set up your own financing before your purchase. They also have a seven day return policy with up to 400 miles, and you can even exchange the vehicle to try another. Carvana is a true pioneer in a “better way to buy a car” and their reviews are the proof.

Sidenote: There are hundreds of awesome websites available online to do your research. Some of our favorites are CarGurus, CarsDirect, and In this blog we wanted to highlight websites where you could complete the ENTIRE used car purchase online! Be sure to do your research utilizing all of the resources available to you. The car buying process still does take some time. But buying online opens up a whole new world of possibilities!

Pros of Buying a Used Car Online


Line up your financing and go for it! Don’t spend weekend after weekend at dealer after dealer.


Some people are leery of the dealership because of the price negotiation. They never quite know exactly what they’ll spend. Buying a car online for the most part means no haggling. You’ll know exactly what you’re paying.


Call a representative if you have questions. If not, you can independently complete your purchase without any help. It’s an introvert’s dream!


Live in a small town where your auto dealers have limited inventory? Shopping online is a way to get what you’re looking for – down to the specifics of model year and mileage.

Have you ever bought car online?

Let us know if you’ve ever bought a car online, and tell us about your experience in the comments below! Need to ship a car your’e buying online? Get a quote today for FREE with just your vehicle and moving details. No credit card required. 

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