Auto Transport Companies & Lead Generating Robots

If you are on the hunt for a quality auto transport company you need to READ this first! Before you fill out your information after clicking on another Google ad for an auto transport company offering a super low quote to ship your car. We hope that you’ve come across this article while you’re searching for someone to move your car. Whether it’s your first time trying to find an auto transport company or your third, you might have been a victim of the lead generating robots that plague the car shipping industry.

Dramatic? No. We get daily calls from customers who are beyond frustrated. They have the worst stories – you may have seen them on forums like Reddit or Quora — of how they went online to get a quote to ship their car from Point A to Point B. After they clicked submit, they were drowned in phone calls and emails from multiple car shipping companies. Often they were hassled, provoked, and cajoled into choosing one of these demanding providers. They thought they were going to be presented with a simple quote at which point they could decide if the price was right or not. Instead after yielding their email address, phone number, and auto transport details, they’re suddenly in a free-for-all. Sound familiar?

The nonstop phone calls. The emails. The ridiculously low rate that is only good if you book immediately!

Is the rate too good to be true? Who are these people? Let us help you out.

There are thousands of auto transport pages on the web that are not connected to legitimate auto transport brokers or car shipping carriers.

These “companies” are masquerading as service providers, when in reality they exist only as a nameless middleman. Instead they are lead generators, not a real auto transport broker OR carrier who cares about your experience. In reality, it could be a guy in a bathrobe in his basement, selling your information to another company. These lead generators are not actual auto transport companies. They don’t have a vested interest in your experience with them because they’re not in the business of providing you with a service. They sell your information to as many as twenty car shipping brokers at one time; who then get access to your request for a quote and must compete for your business at the same time.

How to spot a Lead Generator vs. a Reliable Auto Transport Broker

Here’s how you know if you’ve got a reliable auto transport company or auto transport broker. Not all brokers buy leads in this manner.


Look around the website you are on. Are you only on a landing page that doesn’t let you navigate to full contact details and other company information? It could be a lead generator. You should be able to read all kinds of information about a legitimate company – when they were founded, how long they’ve been in business, etc. Do they have a physical location? Is there a blog? Does it look like the website is regularly updated?


Google a physical address for the name of the auto transport broker whose page you’re on. Reliable brokers are usually BBB-accredited auto transport companies. They’ll have Google reviews, Auto Transport Reviews, and most often a social media presence too. Often if it’s a lead generator there will be no Facebook profile, BBB-accreditation profile, or Google+ reviews.


Watch out for promises like “lowest guaranteed price.” Lead generators might pay to be the very first result on the Google page with these big headlines, but there isn’t much else to it. We always say it’s better to get 3 different quotes and, as tempting as it might be, don’t go with the lowest one! If one quote is suspiciously less than the others, it could be a red flag.


If you’re feeling a bit uneasy about the company you are considering to ship your car, pick up the phone. When you call, ask specific questions about the car shipping process and what your quote includes. Find out if you can cancel for free if you change your mind. Ask about deposits and how the car shipping carrier is selected. If you can’t find a phone number, no one answers, or they are unable to provide you with specifics about their car shipping process, you have your answer.

We don’t want this to happen to you. Many times our customers go through a lot just to get to us – and they’re so relieved when they pick up the phone and finally get a real human being who wants to listen and has answers for their questions.

At Crestline, we make promises that we don’t break

We promise you can talk to a real human being. Ask all the questions you want. Check our reviews. We may not be the least expensive option, but we will provide you with the best service.

You should never do business with someone you don’t feel comfortable with and confident in. Our sales team never pushes you to book auto transport; we leave that decision up to you.

We will NEVER sell your information.

It’s not just customer service that’s important to us, it’s customer satisfaction. Book your car shipping with us and see the difference!

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