Why use a Car Mover in your Household Move?

May is just around the corner, which if you recall, is national moving month. Summer is the most popular time of year for family moves. It’s an easy transition time when school is out, and it is peak real estate season. If you are selling your home and looking to move this summer, you’re probably trying to get ahead and stay organized. Moving can be an exciting time, but also a stressful one. The key to a successful, stress-free move is organization, lots of list-making, and good moving partners. June is actually the most popular month for moving, accounting for 14% of all moves, followed by July. May should really be known as “get-ready-to-move” month!

The further the move, the more work it requires. But who are we kidding, any move is a lot of work! What states are people moving to? We love this interactive map from move.org. While destinations may vary over time, the reasons for moving stay the same. Most people are relocating for their job, or for the chance to live in a dream destination. With major companies like Toyota moving its headquarters to our neck of the woods here in DFW, we understand making a change for a better opportunity.

Why you should use a Car Mover in your Household Move.

If you ARE moving for a better job, that means you’re working to coordinate a lot of logistics. First of all your new job is starting soon! You’ve got to get settled in before that start date. If you have a family, you’re coordinating school schedules and spouse careers. Moving all your stuff and finding a new home (preferably before that start date) is certainly part of the equation.

As always, our goal as an auto transport company is to help you get through these life transitions easily and save as much money as possible. A lot of people tend to forget about their vehicles in their move until the last minute. You’re preoccupied with packing up your entire life; and don’t have time to think about what’s in the garage!

Before you decide how to move your car (or cars) along in your move, think about your destination. This is true especially if you have an older vehicle. Check on things in your new state first! Will you have better access to public transportation? Find out what inspections your vehicle will need to pass, like emissions or safety tests. If you have a car that isn’t likely to pass, you may be better off selling your car before your move and taking the cash with you.

Why hire a car mover in your household move?

If you are bringing your vehicle(s) in your move, driving isn’t always feasible or efficient. That’s where hiring a car moving service might be helpful. You may be asking, “Why can’t my moving truck just take care of my cars too?” Well, the moving company you hire is trained to move your furniture and boxes, not your car. You need an expert to safely move your vehicle, especially over a long distance.

Why you should use a Car Mover in your Household Move.

A lot of household moving companies have partners that specialize in moving cars. In fact, just this month we had a moving company contact us with a move that needed to be done in a hurry. These customers were moving homes, going from Coral Springs, Florida to Farmington Hills, Michigan. They decided later in the moving process to ship their car. We moved their BMW. Be sure to ask your moving company if they utilize an auto transport company, then ask which one. Do your research to make sure you end up with a reputable auto transporter!

You book your move early, so consider your cars early too.

Booking your car moving service early and being flexible with your dates is the best way to save $$$. If you have a hard date for when your moving truck pulls out, don’t worry! We’ll walk you through the process and communicate with you the whole way through. We are auto transport pros and working on your timeline is something we pride ourselves on. Just check out our reviews on Google! Can’t be there when we pick up your car? Have a trusted friend be the point of contact.

Why you should use a Car Mover in your Household Move.

And remember, it’s not only the season for household moves, but also for college student moves. Traveling for scholarships, auditions, and moving to a new city? We take care of that too. Just recently we moved a vehicle for a gentleman’s daughter heading to Portland for a year-long study program. He needed to get her car to her new college across the country! We moved her Mazda 3 from New Jersey all the way to Portland, Oregon. That would have been a long trip for a young person all by themselves.

How can we help you with your move this summer? Start now, and get in on all the savings.

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