Driving Vs. Auto Transport: The Holiday Showdown

It’s that time of year again – the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are upon us. It’s hard to believe we have to get ready to make travel plans once again, or if you’re super organized you’ve had your travel plans laid out since last year. Each year nearly 100 million people take to the road or the air for the holidays. How many miles will you cross? Perhaps you’re only two hours away from grandma’s house and it’s an easy trip. Others are crossing hundreds of miles, going from one side of the country to another. That means spending multiple days on the road, facing traffic or construction, and sitting for endless hours in the car to get to your Thanksgiving or Christmas destination.

What if there was a way to avoid it all?

When it comes to seemingly endless road trips across a few states, auto transport might surprise you as a cost-effective option. Especially Texas, because let’s be honest…right here in our home state it can take more than 10 hours just to cross our massive state, to say nothing about heading to a coast!

You might be shaking your head and wondering, “is auto transport really a cost-effective option?” and, “is there anyone who really ships a car for the holidays?”

The answer is YES.

We’re here to break the mold and tell you that every single day we book car shipping online with consumers just like you. They want to save money. They can’t stomach spending 2 or 3 days sitting in a car adding to the wear and tear, or shelling out hundreds of dollars for a rental.

Exactly How Much Does it Cost?

We’re glad you asked. Our easy-to-use online system can give you an accurate rate in just a few seconds, but we will tell you about a few other recent car shipments we’ve made. We shipped a 2009 Honda Civic from Virginia to North Carolina for just $370. That’s like the price of one plane fare! We also shipped a 2008 BMW from Texas to Maryland (quite a way!) for $622. It all depends on your car, how busy the season is, and what route we’ll be traveling for you. The more popular an origin and destination, typically the lower the cost to transport. Makes sense, right?

4 Reasons Auto Transport Beats Driving or Flying This Season

Gas Prices are Affordable

Gas prices could be much worse this year, thankfully they’re pretty low. Over the summer season during Hurricane Harvey here in Texas we saw gas jump to nearly $2.50 per gallon on average. The good news is that when gas is affordable, we get those prices too. You see, we’re an auto transport broker – we have a careful vetting process for hiring drivers with trailers that can haul lots of cars at one time. Gas is a cost for us just like it is for you! But when gas is low, we can pass those savings on to you.


Everyone dreads putting miles on their car. More miles = more depreciation, and the less your car is worth. One road trip across the country could add thousands of miles to your car. You’re adding wear and tear at an accelerated rate by driving more in a few days than you normally would in several months! Eventually you’ll be looking at purchasing an oil change, new tires, filters, etc. Car maintenance isn’t exactly affordable. Adding miles to your car even impacts the cost of your insurance. When you ship your car with an auto transport company like Crestline, your car is fully insured and protected…and no miles get added!

No Renting a Vehicle

If you’re spending a few days or even weeks away for the holidays, you’ll likely have to rent a car. Getting to and from the airport, driving to see friends and relatives, and of course, trips to the store for holiday meals. Shipping a car to your destination not only saves you the cost of renting, but also provides you with the comfort of driving a vehicle that is familiar to you. If you’ll be visiting your destination for at least four days, auto transport is more cost effective than renting a vehicle.

Do what you want with your time

This is perhaps the most valuable of all. Opportunity cost refers to the cost of your time. Being on the road for days, particularly around the holiday season, presents all kinds of challenges. There is so much traffic and bad weather that can cause delays. What is your time worth to you? In addition to the hours of time, with auto transport you don’t incur any of the costs that accompany being on the road. You won’t have to pay for food, lodging, or pricey tolls. Shipping your car gives you more time to spend with your children or your grandchildren. Enjoy the cozy cabin, lounge by the fire, and get in on all the baking and cooking instead of arriving just in time for dinner.

Save the hassle this holiday season. If Auto Transport is new to you, we’re happy to answer any of your questions and tell you about how car shipping works, you can also check out our FAQs page or our reviews on Google (from real people!). It’s easy to do and it’s worth your peace of mind.

There’s no obligation and if you want to change your mind? We never ask for deposits or charge a cancellation fee. Why not just see how much it would cost?

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