Your Car Shipping Quote: Ready to Book!

So you’re thinking about getting a car shipping quote, and possibly booking your transport. There is a ton of information out there about car shipping and how it all works! When it comes down to it, it’s all about choosing a great car shipping company who can offer you a solid quote. By solid quote, we mean one that won’t come with fifteen pages of fine print and a lot of added fees. Our best advice? Check reviews before getting a quote. You’ll find that we have five star reviews on Facebook and Google, and that booking car shipping is pretty simple with Crestline. You can call us directly, send us an email, or fill out one of our fast forms to start the process. Heck, we even give accurate quotes by text!

The process is easy, but don’t let that fool you. We take shipping cars very seriously. We’re talking about your car! It could be your only means of transportation to get to your job every day, or how you take your kids to school. That means your vehicle plays a major part in getting through your every day life.

You may drive a mini van, or a huge SUV. You might have a killer outfitted truck, or a small sedan. We even transport stuff that doesn’t belong on the road – like boats, ATVs, and farm equipment.

No matter what mode of transportation you have, we know you probably love it and would appreciate if it were well taken care of while in somebody else’s hands. At Crestline, when you ship your car for us for ANY reason, including:

We promise to take care of your car. We promise to communicate with you the whole way through the car shipping process. But, we can’t do that unless we know ALL the information about your car! Those details you give us when getting a quote for car shipping  can make a huge difference. Have you seen our transport quote process? Check it out, so easy!

Your Car Shipping Quote Details Matter

Our quoting process is just a few quick easy steps. We try not to ask for all your personal information but having your name and number is important because Crestline team members like to actually talk to you in the auto transport process. We give you important updates and keep you informed every step of the way. The first thing you’ll hear us ask is if you have any time constraints. Are you moving? Do we need to pick up your vehicle before you leave the state or go on vacation? What day and time works best for you when we pick up your vehicle?

The following information is probably the easiest and most straight forward! What’s your origin, and where is your destination?

Next comes vehicle information. This is where any and all details you have will come in handy. We need to know what kind of vehicle you have. Is it a sedan? A truck? Here is where you should let us know about any kind of modifications or up-fitted pieces you have on your car/truck/SUV or motorcycle. These could be almost anything including:

  • A bar of any kind
  • A lift kit
  • Modified tires that could be larger than standard
  • A van or truck that has been modified for extra space
  • Specific kind of truck bed

Let’s talk about trucks for a moment. Trucks are notorious for having multiple versions and sizes for the same vehicle. These specifics impact what kind of trailer we will use to ship your vehicle! How much space will your truck take up on the trailer? If it has a bar on the top, it will need to be on the top of the trailer. Is it extra long? Extra wide?

More information is always better; be as detailed as possible

When you’re submitting a request for an auto transport quote from ANY company, give as much information as possible. You’ll get a faster, much more reliable and accurate quote the first time.

Our promise is that our quotes don’t come loaded with hidden fees. That’s why we take the time to talk to you and get all the info up front.

Want a reliable auto transport quote? You can get one in seconds; and even book it online today so you have this to-do checked off your list. No time to chat on the phone? No problem; text with our team and we’ll get your pick-up date confirmed today. If you have any questions about booking or getting a quote for car shipping, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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