3 Things to Ask your Moving Company

At one point or another, everyone faces a move. Whether it’s cross country or just out of your parent’s house, moving is a big deal that requires planning and organization. It’s also a chance for a fresh start, one that holds unlimited possibilities and opportunities. For many families, moving gets a bit trickier with an entire household to pack up and relocate! But it can be such an exciting time. Maybe you’re moving to the perfect house with a pool in the backyard. Or maybe you’ve gotten your dream job, crossing miles and states to start over in a new city. So many decisions need to be made! So many things to do! Where do you start with your moving preparations?

Hire the Right Moving Company

Most people will hire a moving company. This sounds like an easy item to check off the list, but hold on before you get carried away. Let me rephrase it to say you want to hire a reputable moving company.  Just like hiring an auto transport company, cheapest is not always best! There are scams out there and the last thing you want is for a driver to pull away with your entire life in boxes, and not be 100% assured they’ll make their way to the right house on the other end! To find a reputable moving company, we recommend thoroughly vetting a few companies and selecting the one you like the best. Most quality household moving companies will  actually come to your home and provide you with an in-home estimate, in writing! This is the best way to get an accurate quote; you’ll have peace of mind knowing the movers actually took inventory of all the furniture and stuff they’ll have to move.

Here are three things to ask your household moving company of choice:

What is Included in the Price?

What is included in the quoted price (in writing, remember?)? For example, will you pack or will they? How many people will they bring? What special care will they provide for antiques or valuables? Will they commit to a firm arrival date and time? There might be a lot of fine print in their contract. It’s ok to take the time to read and understand all of it!

Who Will Move Your Belongings?

Will they be moving your belongings or will they subcontract to another moving company? And can they transport your vehicle? This is SO important! A moving company who will be subcontracting the job is using individuals who are not technically their employees. You’d want to know up front if the person you’ve been talking to isn’t the one going to do the job, right? Now, many national moving brands (Allied, Mayflower, Atlas, etc.) will have agents working all across the U.S. Agents are not the same as subcontractors and have likely been thoroughly vetted and meet specific requirements to work with that brand. In addition, most household moving companies are not auto transporters, although they may partner with an auto transport company. Find out, because you want a pro for both jobs!

Ask for References & Call Them!

Can they provide you with 3-4 references to contact? It’s on you to follow through and get in touch with customers who have used their services. Be sure to ask about their experience, price, and the care/condition of their belongings throughout the process.

Reduce your stress & hire quality people

No move can really be completely stress free, but there’s a lot you can do to ensure you’ve got quality people who know the moving business to help you. Use the internet to your advantage – research each company you’re considering, finding out how long they’ve been in business and what their customers think by checking reviews.

As we mentioned, most household moving companies are not car shipping companies. Crestline partners with moving companies to serve as an extension of the services they offer. We can transport more than just cars, as our services include boat transport, RV transport, ATV or sport vehicle transport, and motorcycle shipping.

For more information on how to spot a moving scam, check out this Moving Scam article.

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