Six Questions to Ask Before you Hire A Car Mover

We all want to feel really good about the decisions we make, especially if they are going to involve any kind of monetary investment! We research, read reviews, ask questions, and get referrals from friends (or Reddit!).

If it’s your very first time looking for a unique service like a car mover, then you might be wondering what questions to even ask potential providers. Before you book your transport, be sure to ask your car moving company these top questions. Make sure the answers are satisfactory before you hand over any money!

1. Are they licensed and bonded (and registered?)

Any legitimate auto transport business needs to be registered with the Department of Transportation with a valid DOT number. This is information you can cross check with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to make sure everything is all in proper order. For example, Crestline Auto Transport holds license #MC-698686 from the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Our auto transport company also holds a $75,000 surety bond which is the required bond amount by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

2. How much will my car transport cost?

An obvious question when you’re looking for a car mover. You want to know how much it will cost to ship your car or SUV from point A to point B. But this can vary widely from quote to quote, for many car shipping companies. They tend to add on deposits, surcharges, and other fees in addition to that bottom dollar amount they first give you. Make sure to confirm when you’re booking your auto transport that your quote is the final dollar amount you’ll actually be paying for your transport.

3. What if something happens to my car?

Most auto transport companies like ours are meticulous when it comes to documenting the vehicle’s condition. You and the driver will review your car at pickup and sign off on the vehicle’s condition before shipping. Upon delivery, you’ll do the same system of checks to make sure it hasn’t been damaged. If there is any damage (which is rare during transport), it needs to be documented in order for you to file a claim with the auto transporter’s insurance.

4. How should you prep your car for shipping?

When we tell you that you can’t pack your car with your own items, we aren’t doing it to make your life difficult! It adds to the weight of your vehicle, and certainly increases the risk of theft or your items being damaged when your vehicle is loaded off and on the trailer for transport. It just isn’t worth the risk! Move your household items with a reputable moving company to make sure they’re taken care of properly.

5. When do I pay? And who?

Some auto transport companies have you pay a deposit, and others will ask you to pay the driver at pickup or upon delivery. Make sure you understand who you owe and when payment is due! Avoid a potential scam by getting the details right up front. At Crestline, we don’t ask for a deposit and we accept payment via a number of credit cards.

6. How does this work?

Find out where, when, and how you’ll pick up and drop off your car. Is it a terminal? Is this door to door service? Most of the time there is a designated window of time for drop off and pick up. For auto transport companies offering terminal to terminal service, you’ll need to drive to that location to pick up your vehicle. Others, like Crestline Auto Transport, are door-to-door service quotes. That means your car will be picked up and delivered as close to your driveway as possible.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you’re hiring a car mover. You’d ask questions and get details in writing from a household moving service too! With our tips, you’re sure to have a great experience and get the service you expect and deserve.

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