5 Tips for Affordable Car Insurance

How to Save Big on Car Insurance

If you’ve read our blog for any amount of time you know we offer a wealth of information on how to find a great auto transport company, and how to get your car from point A to point B in an affordable, safe manner. You may have read our articles on holiday travel and buying cars online.

But while everyone may not ship a car or even be comfortable with buying a car online, one thing every driver must have is car insurance. Try listening to a radio station or watching television for a few minutes without hearing an ad promising to save you money! The auto insurance world can be overwhelming and confusing. How much insurance do you need? How does it compare to what another company can offer? The good news is that auto insurance is usually a fixed budget item where if you can negotiate a lower rate, you’ll save big for months to come.

Lowest Price Not Always Best Option for Auto Insurance

Because we’re experts in the auto industry, we have some insights for you. In this situation, we’ve learned from experience. We aren’t an auto insurance seller; we’re a buyer, just like you. We’re not telling you to skimp on insurance. You need to have it, and the lowest price is often not the best value. This week we have five tips for truly affordable car insurance that you can take advantage of. Learn from our experience and take your lunch hour today, tomorrow, or next week and spend some time on these tips. You’ll thank us later, and your wallet will thank you!

5 Affordable Car Insurance Tips - Shop Around

Shop Around for Car Insurance

Every single blog you read on car insurance is going to tell you this. Yes, it takes time. But it is absolutely worth it! If you were hiring painters or a contractor you wouldn’t simply accept the first quote you were given. Get a few quotes from different companies. Ask friends who they use. That auto-renewal policy you got in the mail? Let that be your signal that it’s time to get a few new offers. Don’t just let it ride, make sure you get the best deal!

5 Affordable Car Insurance Tips - Pay All at Once and Save up to 20%

Don’t Pay by Installments

Auto insurance is kind of like rent or your mortgage. You know it will always be a recurring expense if you’re a car owner. Why not save up for it if you can? Paying in a lump sum can save you a serious amount of cash, and it can be a negotiating point with the company you use. If you can’t pay for the entire year’s worth, start by paying for 6 months at a time. In some cases by paying for the whole year up front you can save an extra 15% or 20%!

5 Affordable Car Insurance Tips - Know your Car's Worth

KNOW the Value of your Vehicle

We see a lot of people who are paying for coverage they don’t need. If your vehicle is only worth $3,000, do you really need collision coverage? It’s a risk, yes, but  keep in mind your insurance company is only going to pay what the vehicle is worth. If you’re driving an old junker, cover yourself for any liability but don’t pay for insurance you don’t need. Be sure to check your individual state’s requirements too, because each one is different.

5 Affordable Car Insurance Tips - Shop Around at Renewal Time

Don’t set it and forget it

It takes time to reevaluate and a lot of people don’t do it. If you want a good deal on car insurance you should shop around for a new rate every year. Even if you end up sticking with your current provider, you’ll know what to look for! Another reason to check in every year? Things like accidents and traffic violations go further into the past and that could save you money by making you eligible for a lower premium.

5 Affordable Car Insurance Tips - Ask Questions!

Ask Questions & Educate Yourself

So many people don’t want to mess with car insurance because it’s complicated, but being an uninsured or under-insured motorist is dangerous. In Texas alone, nearly 13% of drivers are uninsured. There’s a lot of industry-jargon for car insurance. Words like “premium, liability, deductible, and personal injury protection” are just a few. If you don’t know exactly what your policy means, ask questions! There are hundreds of insurance representatives for every major carrier. It is worth a few minutes of asking questions to understand what your policy covers and what it doesn’t. There are no stupid questions; you have the right to know what is covered and how your policy works. If your rates seem high, ask why! And don’t forget to be bold and ask for a discount. There are tons of reasons auto insurance companies will give a discount including a good driving record, a student discount, senior status, and more.

Now you are armed and ready! Don’t let car insurance intimidate you or be a burden for you.

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  • Amanda Drew

    Thanks for pointing out that insurance companies will just pay however much the car is worth. That makes sense to me. Recently, I moved to a new area, and I realize that I can’t get by with just public transportation. I need to get a car, and with that, I need to get some auto insurance. I think that your article will really help.

  • James

    The best luck I’ve had has been with allstate. I was with Travelers for 5 years and they kept jacking the rates up despite me having a clean record. Finally, I told them I was switching unless I got a better deal and they exhibited no desire to talk me out of it. Didn’t make business sense to me at all the way they did that either; driver with clean record, pays on time, we better keep raising his rates until he leaves us for another company.

  • Malia Davis

    Wow, I never knew it’s so important to check for rates every year for car insurance since things change. That is really good to know because we haven’t shopped around for car insurance for a few years now, and I think we should do that to make sure we get a good rate based on our situation. We also just recently moved to a new area, so we may be able to find better rates here than in our old area!

  • Marshall Brown

    Your tips are really useful, I used to have things in a hurry earlier but then I realised its not the right way to do this, we should check out the market first and get the rates from different places then we should go for it when you get the best price.

  • Taylor Bishop

    Thanks for this advice for car insurance.. I’m glad that you mentioned you should try to know what the value of your car is because it could affect what coverage you get. It seems important to really research what could affect your coverage so you have a better idea of what policy could be good for you.

  • Ava Murphy

    You made a good point when you said that you can get the best deal if you will consider getting a few quotes from different insurance companies. My husband and I are planning to shop for an auto insurance policy that will fit our budget. We want to make sure that we’ll find an auto insurance company that can offer us discounts since we’ve been keeping a clean driving record for years.

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