Four Best Apps to Save Money on Gas

How To Save Money on Gas

There is NOTHING more frustrating than filling up your car for $2.79, thinking you got a deal, then driving a half mile down the road only to see a sign for the same gas at $2.49. If only you had known! If this happens on a routine basis, you might end up paying more than $15/month extra, if you fill up your tank just once a week. That might not seem like a large amount of money, but over time it can really add up. It’s obvious that our readers care a lot about where their money is going. Nobody wants to pay more than they have to for necessities – and that includes things like gasoline and even shipping your car when you have to.

We understand the importance of stretching out every dollar. You’re conscious about what you spend your money on and value is extremely important to you, yet you want to take care of your vehicle. Before we get into our favorite apps, did you know there are a few other things you can do to save money on gas?

How to Get Better Gas Mileage

Don’t stomp on that gas pedal. Accelerate slowly.

Keep your tire pressure maintained.

Try to avoid as much idling as possible and use cruise control.

Don’t run your AC all the time.

Lighten your load – get extra junk out of your trunk or off your vehicle.


Now, if you really want to save on gas – here are our favorite apps to help you save money on gas each time you fill up at the pump.

Save Money on Gas with the Gas Buddy App


Who has time to drive by tons of gas stations hunting for the lowest price? If you haven’t downloaded GasBuddy yet on your iphone or Android you’re missing out. It’s SO EASY TO USE, and it’s free. You get accurate gas prices of places nearby in real time. You can even check average stats in your local area (we checked and Dallas has an average gas price of $1.78). Other handy features include a trip cost calculator, U.S.A or Canadian gas price averages, and even historical gas prices for your city. Sweet!

Save Money on Gas with the Route4Me App


Got a long list of errands to run? What about appointments thrown in the mix? With the Route4Me app you can plug in all your stops and immediately get the most efficient route. No more zig-zag trips back and forth across town. With the most optimized route you’ll be saving gas and time in the process. This app is free and available for iphone and Android users.

Save Money on Gas with the AAA TripTik App

AAA TripTik

This app offers trip planning and helps you find the cheapest gas prices near you. A day of errands or a road trip? Use AAA TripTik to get the route that will help you use the least amount of gas. You can also locate electric vehicle charging stations and book AAA approved hotels. It’s a free app available on iPhone and Android.

Save Money on Gas with the Waze App


This may be one of the most popular apps for gas and trips. Are you sick of sitting in traffic jams? Waze is like crowd-sourced real time advice for your individual route. Drivers share traffic and road condition information to save you serious dollars in gas money and TIME. It’s more than an app for maps – it’s smarter than that. Get the fastest most efficient route every time, with no surprise construction or roadway obstructions (FINALLY). Waze is a free app available for iphones and Android.

Save Money on Gas with the Gas Guru App

Gas Guru

This app is super easy to use, and the data is pulled from the Oil Price Information Service instead of input by users. Why does that matter? Well, it’s highly accurate, and this means you don’t ever have to mess with putting in your real-time data. So, should you get gas on your side of town or closer to work? This app can help you figure it out. Gas Guru is a free app available for iphones and Android.

Don’t forget to use the type of fuel that your manufacturer recommends for your vehicle.  Why would you pay for premium gas if you don’t need it??

Happy Travels!

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