What to Expect when you Book Auto Transport Services Online

What to Expect when you Book Auto Transport Services Online

When you buy or book something online, sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what you are going to receive. When you book auto transport services online, you should feel confident that you made a good decision for both your car and your wallet.

We’ve always been a very “hands-on” company. When you have a question, what’s the fastest way to get an answer? You want to speak directly to someone, whether that’s via email or by phone. And with our auto transport services, you can ALWAYS talk to a real human being.

With all that being said…we live in a very instantaneous society. We have fast food, fast cars (yay!), and fast technology. Remember dial-up Internet? It seemed to take forever! We don’t like to have to wait for anything. That’s why we have completely upgraded our quoting technology to offer instant, accurate, free auto transport service quotes.

We even went one step beyond offering you an instant online quote. Plenty of auto transport companies promise accurate car shipping quote calculators on their websites. With Crestline Auto Transport you not only get an instant quote, you can even finish up the booking process online! Here’s how it works.

Tell us about yourself. We like to have your contact info so we can email you a copy of your quote! We will not be sending you spam, or filling up your inbox every week.

What to Expect When Booking Auto Transport Services Online - Step 1
What to Expect When Booking Auto Transport Services Online - Step 2

Tell us about your auto transport needs: shipping timetable, origination & destination.

What kind of car do you have and is there anything else we need to know about it? You can add up to three vehicles for one quote.

What to Expect When Booking Auto Transport Services Online - Step 3
What to Expect When Booking Auto Transport Services Online - Step 4

Your auto quote is generated and if you like what you see, finish up and book!

Important Things to Know About Crestline’s Auto Transport Services

We never take a deposit, ever. That’s the beauty of online quotes! We will get your info, but if you have to cancel because your plans change, it’s no problem. This is particularly helpful when you’re moving. No worries!

Be sure to read about our different trailer types and let us know if you need enclosed auto transport. There’s an extra fee for that because those carriers have less room to ship multiple vehicles at once. But if you have a luxury vehicle or an antique that holds a significant value, this is important.

Don’t skip any details if your truck or vehicle has been modified in any way. Bigger tires, any kind of lighting kit, or other additions can change the size and amount of space your vehicle will need on a trailer. Tell us about those things up front!

Why do hundreds of individuals (and auto dealerships) choose Crestline?

We are an auto transport broker that does NOT buy leads. That means you can trust us with your information; we won’t sell it and when you click the “submit” button on our request a quote form you will not be inundated with phone calls and emails! There are car hauling companies that only serve as lead generators online, so beware. We won’t pressure you. That’s just how we do business.

Want to get an idea about what some of our recent auto transport trips have cost? We’ll be glad to show you. Check out this blog of recent trips for just a few. Our headquarters is in Dallas, Texas and we ship a lot of cars in and out of Texas, but some other popular origins and destinations for us include:

New York, New York

Sacramento, California

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Philadelphia, Pittsburgh

Boca Raton, Louisiana

Atlanta, Georgia

Denver, Colorado

Seattle, Washington

Houston, Texas

Detroit, Michigan

Nashville, Tennessee

Phoenix, Arizona

Los Angeles, California

Miami, Florida

Chicago, Illinois

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