Recent Auto Transport Services from State to State

Shipping Cars State to State

The number one question in auto transport services is:

“What’s it going to cost me to ship my car?”

And while we would love to give you a one-size-fits-all answer, there’s no magic formula. It depends on so many different variables, like the time of year for instance. During the winter, you might be able to get a lower quote due to less demand because summer tends to be a busier season for family moves and job relocation.

It matters when you book. Making a reservation in advance will get you a better deal! Last minute orders typically are accompanied by a rush fee. You will also get a better price if you can be flexible on when we can pick up and deliver your car.

Now let’s get down to the real details. What kind of car do you have? How big is it? How much space will it take on an open transport trailer? Just as important as WHAT you’re moving is WHERE you’re going. Is it a big city? It is understandable that it will be more expensive to pick up or deliver to downtown Chicago than to a small town residence.

Get to know us a little better. Here are five recent instances where we provided auto transport services from state to state.

Recent Costs to Ship Cars - Toyota Camry

The Family Move

We love family moves! This family was actually moving from Grand Prairie, Texas (close to Dallas) out to Westminster, California. Many families choose to rent a moving van and drive the other family car, or perhaps fly. This trip was nearly a 21 hour drive! They chose to book Crestline for their 2015 Toyota Camry. The final cost for this particular trip? $998.

Recent Costs to Ship Cars - Saturn Ion

Auto Auctions

Have you ever been curious about auto auctions? They’re a great place for selling cars and buying them. Typically, we get to transport multiple vehicles to auction for different dealerships and private car lots. This time a customer had a friend helping him to sell his car at an auto auction in the Dallas area, and had to transport it here from El Paso, Texas. This was a special case because the car needed to be here in time for the auction slot he had reserved. We got it picked up the same day and delivered his vehicle a full day sooner than it was needed. It was a 2006 Saturn ION and we moved it for $678.

Recent Costs to Ship Cars - Honda Civic

Relocating to a New State

For this trip, we were headed to the Peaches state. A young guy came to us and let us know that his car is really important to him. How important? It’s the sole source of his full time job! He’s an Uber driver, and he needed to know that his car would be taken care of during transport. He was relocating from Fort Worth, Texas out to Georgia. We moved his 2013 Honda Civic for $588.

Recent Costs to Ship Cars - Honda Accord

Tired of Repeat Trips?

Do you have a trip that you make regularly, perhaps a few times a year? One gentleman came to us wanting to ship his vehicle instead of making an 18-hour drive. That’s a long time to be in a car…and doing it a few times a year certainly gets old fast. He wanted to visit his parents in Cincinnati, Ohio, and he lives in Fort Worth, Texas. We transported his 2010 Honda Accord for $697.

Recent Costs to Ship Cars - 2 Vehicles, Separate Loads

Relocating Family for a New Job

Another family move! This time our family of four (soon to be five!) was moving from Michigan to California. What a long trip to make with small children. You know how it is when you are moving for a new job, trying to coordinate the logistics. The husband was arriving in the new city first, and needed a vehicle there. We transported two vehicles in separate loads for a total of $2890.

So many diverse circumstances. We were thrilled to meet these people along the way and hear their stories. That’s the best part about providing door-to-door auto transport; we inevitably get to know someone new.

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