Our Favorite Moving Apps in 2018

It’s crazy how much of our life we manage from our phones. And while much of the time spent on them is pretty useless on social media or scrolling youtube videos, don’t forget that there is a lot of power in your hand. I’m sure there are one or two apps you just couldn’t live without! These apps are way more useful than offering simple life hacks or keeping lists. There are apps that save us big money with real time deals while we shop (Hello, Target!), apps that help us find the cheapest gas nearby (I HATE it when I realize I paid 20 cents too much and the cheap place was a 1/2 mile down the road!) and even apps to help us keep our homes more efficient by managing a thermostat or what lights are on.

But did you know that apps could make a HUGE difference for you in your move? We’ve been helping people move all summer here at Crestline, and while we only move the cars, not the boxes, we’ve learned a thing or two over the years. Some of our moving partners have clued us in to these amazing apps that can:


Help save you big $$$, which everyone moving on a budget needs.


Make your move a million times easier by keeping you organized.


Provide resources about your new community in the palm of your hand.

What makes a great moving app?

We’ve checked out all these apps for ease of use, functionality, and the value of the services they provide. Each app we recommend has impeccable reviews from thousands of users and can be downloaded on any Apple or Android phone.

Don’t see an app here that you have loved and used in your move? Be sure to tell us in the comments below. And let us know how you saved or stayed sane by using one of these apps. Here are our favorite moving apps of 2018!

Our Favorite Moving Apps of 2018

Our Favorite Moving Apps of 2018 - Updater


Updater is “America’s Favorite Moving App.” Now, don’t go searching in your app store for this one; there is a slight caveat. It’s invite only – but if you reference your real estate agent, apartment community, or your moving company you can secure an invite. Even before you get access to the app – more on what that can do in a second – there is so much available on the website. Search thousands of pre-screened movers in their directory who have been verified. Looking for checklists or tips? They have all of those too, and guides for just about every major city in the U.S. Now for the app itself – whoa. You can handle almost every moving task right from one place. Forward your mail, book your move, transfer your utilities, connect your TV and internet…it is truly amazing. Worth trying to get an invite!

Our Favorite Moving Apps of 2018 - Dolly


Moving in just a few days but have no movers booked yet? Dolly is the app you need. Right now they’ve got services in seven major cities across the U.S., but they’re growing quickly! Currently available in Boston, Chicago, Denver, Philadelphia, Portland, San Diego, and Seattle. This app makes it easy to find the local moving help you’re looking for. Need a truck and a bunch of muscle? Done. If you want to move yourself but you just need help with the furniture or the heavy stuff? Dolly can help you book movers only. You never pay for more than what you need, and you know the cost BEFORE you book. You set the time and place, and determine what work you need done. It’s never been easier!

Our Favorite Moving Apps of 2018 - Unpakt


Researching moving companies can take hours of your time. Unpakt can help you weed through all the information really easily. We love it because it’s so easy to use; you can compare prices from a bunch of moving companies at one time. The quotes are exact, based on your move details. You also don’t have to risk paying a different price if your movers decide to add hidden fees; you pay through Unpakt so there are no issues. AND they have live customer support for just about anything you could think of. They take care of verifying all the moving company’s information so you don’t have to – checking for licenses, insurance, and reviews. Tons of time saved!

Our Favorite Moving Apps of 2018 - Sortly


How many times have you moved, unpacked, and three months later wondered where the heck something disappeared to? Sortly will make sure that never happens again. It’s WAY more than a moving checklist; it is a digital inventory of your belongings. Take inventory before you start packing, and then organize everything into categories. Then, when you go to pack boxes, you assign each item to a box and put a QR code label on the box! Wondering what’s in a box (or trying to decipher your neighbor’s handwriting?) No need to open it to find out; just scan the QR code and get a list of what’s inside. This is incredibly helpful if you have to store items for a while and can’t remember where you put what. For PCS moves, this can be a life saver in case of any claim you need to make! You can get a free two week trial, and it’s just $4 a month for unlimited items and web access.

Our Favorite Moving Apps of 2018 - Nextdoor


No list would be complete without NextDoor, which launched in 2011. If you want the fast track to the inside information in your new neighborhood, this is a must-have app. Got a question about the hours of the pool, trash service or the schools at your new place? NextDoor can help. If you need suggestions for a handyman, or another local service, you’ll no doubt get a quick response from your new neighbors. You can even sell things on NextDoor or advertise your yard sale. Peruse NextDoor to get all the info about community happenings, and you’ll feel at home in no time. This app is free and easy to use – think of it as a social network for your neighborhood.

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