Most Popular Car Shipping Lanes in Texas

When you think of Illinois you might think of Chicago. When you think of Oregon, you might think of the Portland metropolitan area. In Texas, you may think of the DFW metro area (which is like two giant cities rolled into one), or you might think of Houston, Austin, or San Antonio. Texas is so large, it’s like an independent country. In fact, it’s bigger than many existing European countries! This makes Texas one of the most popular car shipping hubs in the United States. Good thing our offices are located here in Dallas. Texas is second only to Alaska for land area, with more than 268,000 square miles of the lone star state. We are second only to California in terms of population, which means we regularly have drivers crossing the south between Texas and the west coast!

Texas is the Most Popular Car Shipping Destination

In 2016, more people moved to Texas than any other state in the U.S. But that trend seems to have continued throughout 2017 as early reports indicate that movement was strong out of California, particularly from the Bay Area.  Companies are moving to the middle of the country, bringing jobs and economic development with them. Just look at Austin, to start. Austin has a tech vibe similar to Silicon Valley, and is an incubator for talented developers, entrepreneurs, and designers. Giants like Apple, Oracle, and Google have all expanded into this area, say nothing about the dozen of smaller tech companies that have also migrated. Facebook built a massive data center that opened in Fort Worth earlier this year.

Combine the employment opportunities with a relatively low cost of living and the California to Texas route is one of the most popular shipping lanes in the country. It’s not just people from outside of Texas…Texans are moving within the state itself. This Forbes article states that Texans are even moving from Dallas and Houston to the Austin metro area. This is all good news for you. Because cities like Dallas and Austin are so centrally located, shipping costs are often affordable and shipments can be completed within a short timeframe.

Recent shipments from California to Texas

2002 Lexus Sedan from Fontana, CA to Carrollton, TX. A small business owner purchased this vehicle at an auction and we delivered it to his home. Transport cost of $781 on 1397 miles, transit time of 2 days from origin to destination. And, he sold it 3 days after he received it!

2007 BMW 3 Series from Hayward, CA to Richardson, TX.  Mother arranged the transport of her daughter’s car who was moving to Texas for a job. Transport cost of $1023 on 1692 miles. Transit time of 2 days from origin to destination.

3 Dodge Ram 1500s from Los Angeles, CA to Houston, TX. These trucks were for an energy and gas company. Transport cost of $1382 on 1546 miles (per vehicle). Transit time of 4 days from origin and destination.

Most Popular Car Shipping Lanes in Texas

Popular Military Car Shipping Routes

We regularly publish resources intended to help military families who are moving with change of station orders. There is a vehicle processing center here in Grand Prairie, Texas that is just a few miles from our office. While summer is typically the busiest season for PCS moves, we help families year-round who are returning from duty overseas. Popular destinations include military bases in Maryland like Fort Meade and Fort Bragg in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Recent Shipments for Military Families

Vehicle Processing Center (VPC) Grand Prairie, TX to Pensacola, FL. Permanent change of station move. Service member’s service in Hawaii ended. Transport cost of $650 on 646 miles.  Transit time of 2 days.

Vehicle Processing Center (VPC) Grand Prairie, TX to Colorado Springs, CO. Permanent Change of Station. Returning home from overseas.  $785 on 719 miles. Transit time of 2 days

Most Popular Car Shipping Lanes in Texas

Popular Shipping Routes in TX for Auto Dealers

It’s not just individuals we are proud to help. Especially this time of year, it’s important for dealers to keep up with the demand of their customers and appropriately manage inventory. That means cars are constantly going on and off the lot, and you need to know that your profit margins will be where you need them! Crestline partners with local automotive dealerships throughout the United States.

We have been a preferred transport vendor for The Thompson Group at Classic Chevrolet in Grapevine TX. The Thompson Group specializes in commercial and fleet vehicles. We support a variety of their national accounts that are expanding their businesses and are in need of commercial and fleet vehicles. We support single vehicle shipments as well as orders for 200+ vehicles to be shipped within a finite time frame. We are very proud to be a preferred vendor for them and special shout out to Mr. Ken Thompson and Tim Lynch!

Most Popular Car Shipping Lanes in Texas

If you’re wondering if we can ship your vehicle to you, the answer is YES!

One of our recent reviews on Google tells a story of a customer who was nearly desperate for decent service:

We were having trouble finding anyone to service our area. Because of a failed attempt with another company, we had only 1 week to ship out a truck before the recipient was moving. Alan kept in touch with us the entire time and the truck was delivered on time. I also have to mention that the driver was also great. He was friendly and also kept us updated on the progress of the delivery.”

From luxury sports cars to the family minivan, we have got you covered. We love a challenge, so let us know how we can help.

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