Classic Car Auctions & Transportation

America Loves Classic Cars

From the assembly lines of Henry Ford to the open roads of Route 66, the evolution of the automobile is part of America’s history. The country’s love affair with cars blossomed in the 50’s and 60’s. After the war nothing symbolized the nations renewed optimism better than unrestrained horsepower.

The lure of zooming down a deserted highway in a hopped up GTO or ’57 Chevy appealed to the young men of that era. Popular culture romanticized the car culture. There was nothing like the art of a 50’s era Caddy hood ornament or the sleek lines of a T-Bird. Steve McQueen and his mustang defined cool. The Beach Boys sang about surfing, girls and shutting down other drivers on the drag strips of Southern California.

Today’s vehicles have become less definitive of the American spirit, but the passion for classic cars hasn’t waned. They’re still a symbol of freedom, individuality, quality, and class. Classic car auctions provide gear heads the opportunity to acquire their dream car. Two of the most notorious auction companies are Mecum and Barrett-Jackson, regularly hosting classic car auctions around the nation.

Classic Car Auctions & Transportation
Classic Car Auctions & Transportation

Mecum has specialized in classic auto auctions for nearly 30 years. They are recognized as a leader in the sales of collector cars, vintage and antique motorcycles. Mecum is hosting its next auction April 14-16 in Houston TX. Tickets for Mecum auctions typically hover at $30, a seemingly small price to pay for a chance to see these iconic vehicles.

Classic Car Auctions & Transportation

Established in 1971 in Scottsdale, Arizona, Barrett-Jackson offers a varied inventory of classic collector cars. Russ Jackson and Tom Barrett formed a relationship in the 1960’s, which ultimately led to Barrett-Jackson becoming one of the world’s most valued collector car auctions. In addition to auctions all over the country, there is a collectible showroom at the headquarters you can visit. Tickets for Barrett-Jackson auctions usually range from $15 – $25. Their next event is in early April in Palm Beach, FL.

Classic Car Auctions & Transportation

Another auction regionally known well throughout Oklahoma and Texas is the Leake Auction Company. They began in Oklahoma in 1972, and continue today as a family-owned company. Their next classic collectible cars auction is in Dallas on April 15-17, and if you miss them you’ll have another opportunity in the fall! Admission to auctions is $20 for adults.

Fixing and modifying cars was and is as much a part of the allure as driving the vehicles. With constant tinkering, polishing, and tuning, the cars are truly labors of love. The owners of classic cars are passionate about their vehicles. When owners have such an emotional connection to the cars, the importance of transporting them safely and securely is a high priority. Transporting in an enclosed trailer reduces exposure to the elements and protects your vehicle against damage from road debris.

Crestline Auto Transport has the experience and tools to safety move your classic car. Request a free quote from Crestline and let us safely transport your valued and treasured classic with the care you demand.

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