Crestline: We’re Making Auto Transport Simple.


Booking auto transport isn’t supposed to be difficult. We’ve talked in past blogs about how many customers who finally call Crestline tell us their harrowing tales of harrassment from pushy sales people, or how another company demanded a crazy deposit.

We’re here to tell you it’s not like that at all with Crestline. Our offices in Dallas, TX are full of real people. Our team works together day in and day out to provide you with great service.

Why? Because deep down, we’re just a bunch of car fanatics who care about your vehicle as much as you do.

We’re pretty confident that if you try Crestline Auto Transport once, you’ll never look for another car shipping company again. Try us – and you’ll see that in person, on the phone, through the booking and quoting process, and all the way through your vehicle’s shipping — we’re exactly who we say we are.

Crestline: We’re Making Auto Transport Simple.


  1. Call or fill out a quote request online.
  2. Tell us the details: where is your destination, what kind of car you have, the dates you need it transported, etc.
  3. Either you or a friend needs to be there when we pick it up and when we drop it off. That’s IT.

Throughout the whole process we’ll communicate with you, letting you know where your vehicle is and what to expect. Your rate won’t change – once you’ve paid the original quote we’re good to go!

Need to know more about Crestline? We don’t blame you, we’re a pretty cool bunch. Check out our latest About Us Video, and leave us some comments either here or our social media channels.

Happy Car Shipping!