The Best Car Hauling Rates of 2019

The Best Car Hauling Rates of 2019

Do people really pay a car hauling company to ship their cars from one state to another?


It is an easy process to get a car hauling rate and transport your vehicle safely and efficiently. One of the most important things we stress when trying to find an auto transport company is reading lots of reviews and getting realistic rates. Reviews should be from real people and within the last few months! And any reliable auto transport service should be able to give you a straightforward rate to ship your car, without any hidden fees. In this blog we’ve highlighted some of our reviews AND car hauling rates in 2019. We hope this information helps give you a good idea of what our service is like, and what it might cost to ship your car with Crestline Auto Transport.

Car Hauling Reviews from 2019

“Efficient, excellent communication, fast. Took good care of my vehicles. Very responsive.”
– Scott

“I used Crestline to ship my truck from Dallas back to California. They were very helpful and answered all of my questions. The driver they hired was very professional and had my truck back in California exactly when he said he would. I would definitely use them again if I had to ship another vehicle.”
– Jason

“These guys are awesome!! Easy to get scheduled, communicated throughout the process and shipped my Raptor from RI to Texas in days!!! The car showed up ahead of schedule in perfect condition! Thank you so much”
– Jason

“Excellent service!!!!”
– Mary

“It only took two days to ship my truck from Missouri to Texas”
– Tre

“I had a great experience with them and would highly recommend.”
– Nereida

“Very pleased…and would highly recommend”
– Bill

“The team at Crestline was amazing. The price they quoted me is right in line with others and my vehicle arrived a day early!”
– Steven

“Major S/O to Michelle! Excellent communication whether being on the phone, email or texting….I had my vehicle 48 hours later!”
– James

“I am not a person who usually write a lot of reviews. However i am doing this to see if it can be of help to someone who wants to find the right guys in auto transport industry. I was amazed at the number of calls/emails one get if you happen to submit a car shipping request online. I would recommend not to submit for quote unless you do some research about the transport company. Crestline Experience: I shipped my 2010 TOYOTA CAMRY from Milpitas, CA to Austin, TX. I am amazed by there professionalism in picking up and delivering car. My car got picked up on friday evening and was delivered on sunday evening(2 days). The pick up and delivery location were less than a mile from the agreed address. The driver deserves a lot of appreciation for his flexibility to get the car delivered closer to the agreed location, keeping you informed of the delivery and most importantly condition of the car was immaculate. The crestline auto transport customer support person called in on monday to check if the car was delivered as per the promise. Once acknowledged from me, they went ahead and charged the money we agreed on during initial conversation. Overall i would recommend Crestiline auto transport hands down. They make business a breeze. Thank you.”
– Vikas Shivananjappa

What is most important in your car’s transport?

Experienced drivers. Safe carriers. Communication, communication, communication.

Does speed of delivery matter to you?
Unlike working with a massive national company, our transport team is able to make small adjustments to get your vehicle delivered quickly if necessary. Many times our car haulers can be incredibly responsive to your needs. Several of our reviews can attest to this!

What about a car hauler rate that seems too good to be true?
Listen up. If somebody says they can ship your car from California to Texas for $250, don’t believe them! There are a ton of auto transport brokers out there who will lure you in with a super low rate, one that seems too good to be true. Hint: if it’s this low ball rate across hundreds of miles, they’re NEVER going to ship your car for that price. How are they justifying such a low rate? Well, they might put you on what is essentially a list for “stand-by” – meaning that if a carrier wants to pick up your vehicle for that price, you MIGHT get it picked up. This will almost certainly not be on the day you need pick up or drop off, and by dangling such a low rate out in front of the actual drivers this typically results in low quality service. SO – if you’re ok with that then by all means shoot for the low ball quotes! But if you’re interested in good service and your car being delivered on time, don’t pay too much attention to any auto transport company offering crazy-low prices that are way out of line with your other quotes.

So what do realistic rates look like to hire a car hauling service?
We’re glad you asked.


From Irving, TX to Columbus, OH
Shipping What? 2012 Hyundai Accent
Cost to Ship Car: $750
Open Trailer Transport

Do you have a name for your car? Something fun to make it unique and different? This customer named his Hyundai Accent “Harriet.” We had the privilege of shipping Harriet during this man’s company relocation, allowing this customer to have his vehicle shipped. This transport was so fast that his car arrived in Columbus before he did!


From Tyler, TX to Athens, GA
2016 Mazda CX-5
Cost to Ship Car: $700
Open Trailer Transport

Have you ever thought about how great it would be to buy a car online? This customer purchased his car online and needed to ship his vehicle. With a few clicks, he found Crestline on the internet and got it done. He was very happy with the service.


From Frisco, TX to Davie, FL
2019 Land Rover Range Rover
Cost to Ship Car: $795
Open Trailer Transport

If you’re a professional athlete you don’t have time to waste! This athlete needed to get back to pre-season training camp fast. We took care of it. Down… set… hut hut… car shipping!


From Suwanee, GA to North Manchester, IN
Shipping What? 2018 Hyundai Veloster
Cost to Ship Car: $987
Enclosed Trailer Transport

Heading back to school over 500 miles? Definitely not a fun road trip. We shipped this student’s vehicle from school campus to his home back in May ’19, and now it was time for the return leg. He cherishes his Veloster, and it was important to him that his car shipped in an enclosed trailer so as not to be affected by the outside elements. We got an “A” for Awesome vehicle shipping and delivery.


From Los Angeles, CA to New York, NY
2017 BMW X5
Cost to Ship Car: $1397
Open Trailer Transport
Coast to coast vehicle shipping is made easy with our transport team. This trip was over 2,700 miles! We had this customer’s car delivered in six days. This was three days earlier than the customer expected. How great is that?!


From Fort Worth, TX to Northbrook, IL
2010 Honda Pilot
Cost to Ship Car: $694
Open Trailer Transport

Moving is hard enough as it is without adding a long drive to the mix. We made this family’s move and overall moving experience a little less stressful by picking up on time and delivering on time.

Best Car Shipping Reviews for 2018