Skip the Road Trip – Ship your Car Back to School

You might feel like summer JUST started but it’s already time for back to school! The supplies is in the stores and classes are just about to begin. Do you have a college student headed back to university? Or a young new graduate heading out for the first time? An increasing number of college students are choosing to attend universities far away from home. In fact, “…the number of out-of-state freshmen attending them has nearly doubled since 1986, according to Department of Education data.”  This brings a whole new meaning to “moving to college.” It’s not just a few hours; students are packing up and leaving their home states go attend university.

In addition to packing belongings, the transportation costs can add up not to mention spending time on the road before classes begin. One thing parents and students are choosing to do to save time and worry is shipping the student’s car to college. Many times this option offers a cost savings, as the student can either purchase a one-way plane ticket or ride with the family and pick up the vehicle once they arrive in their new city or state.

Why would you Ship a Car to College?

What parent wants a young adult on a three-day road trip?

Safety is the most important reason to consider transporting a vehicle to school. The idea of a young person traveling alone is unsettling to begin with, and long road trips put drivers at a greater risk of being fatigued to the point of falling asleep. Many young adults in their later teens or early twenties are still driving the vehicle they purchased when they were 16 with money from their first job.

These are Student Vehicles.

These cars may not be reliable which means they’re not the safest option to drive several hundred miles. Why not ship the car and avoid any potential car breakdowns? Not only that, but your car will last longer around your college campus because you didn’t add hundreds of miles to your engine for the trip just to get there.

You’ve got Better Things To Do.

When you get to school, there’s a lot to do. Setting up the dorm or apartment, registering for classes, ordering textbooks, catching up with friend…there’s no time to be exhausted from a long, draining road trip.

Shipping your vehicle to school doesn’t mean you have to spend more money. With the miles you save on your car, avoiding the gas pumps, and potential costs saved in towing expenses or even overnights in hotels should your car break down, you may be surprised. Contact Crestline today to get your free quote and explore all your options for going back to school.

Packing Up for College - Don't Forget the Car!