Do You Need Enclosed Car Shipping?

Who really needs to add enclosed auto transport?

The nuts and bolts of auto transport are really not that complicated. At least, we try to make the car shipping process as easy as possible for our customers. We come to pick up your car, you verify its condition, and we load it on a truck right at your house! Then we move the car to your desired destination, have you verify its condition again, and unload the truck off the trailer. You don’t pay us until your car is safely arrived and you’re satisfied with your service. That’s called door-to-door car shipping and it’s a big differentiator for us here at Crestline.

In between your origin and destination, you have one more choice to make. You have the power to choose what kind of auto transport trailer you’d like to use. In fact, one of the most viewed pages on our website is about trailer types and how we actually go about transporting your car. (The loading process is pretty fun!)

You’ll notice soon on our request a quote forms on our website the option to select either open shipping or enclosed shipping. Those trailers you see driving down the interstate with 7+ cars loaded on them are “open” car shipping trailers. Enclosed shipping looks more like a regular semi-truck driving down the road. In enclosed shipping, your car is protected from the elements – like being transported inside a garage environment.

So, who needs enclosed auto transport? After all, extra protection sounds pretty good right?

Enclosed car shipping usually makes sense in these three circumstances:

Need Enclosed Shipping - Classic / Vintage Car
Shipping a vehicle of great value like a classic or vintage auto

Got a vintage car that is priceless to you? Even if it’s not worth a lot of cash, sometimes a price can’t be put on the sentimental value of a classic car. A car you just spent months detailing or painting, or one that you’re trying to take to an auto auction in pristine condition is a good candidate for enclosed shipping. It is definitely worth the extra fee to keep cars like these protected.

Need Enclosed Shipping - Bad Weather
Bad weather

Snowbirds and our friends in Canada listen up! Traveling to an area with lots of blizzards? What about hail or other extreme conditions? Lots of salt on the roads where you live? Winter weather or extreme conditions can be hard on vehicles. When cars are on an open trailer they are exposed to the elements, period. If you know the weather conditions will impact your vehicle, consider requesting enclosed car shipping.

Need Enclosed Shipping - Luxury Car
Buying a New or Luxury Vehicle

This one goes back to the first circumstance with reference to monetary value. Luxury vehicles may have parts that are difficult or expensive to purchase should anything happen. In order to maintain optimum performance, a brand new vehicle or a luxury sports vehicle should be shipped in an enclosed trailer.

Enclosed car shipping will cost you an additional charge. That charge exists simply because we can’t transport as many cars at one time in enclosed trailers.

Not sure that enclosed shipping is for you? Our quotes are always free – so if you want to compare the difference get two quotes and pick the one that’s right for you.

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