The Ultimate Guide to Automotive News and Blogs

Does your auto dealership have a blog? Or are you an individual who just can’t get enough of cars and is obsessed with reading the latest reviews, checking out photos, and simply imagining what all that new car smell is about?

Either way, you realize the power you can potentially harness with a well-written blog. Not only the unbelievable benefit from search engines, but also social media and providing users with the information they need. We regularly update our blog and enjoy writing about the automotive industry (and the sub-segment that is auto transport). But there’s a lot of noise out there on Twitter, Facebook, and one Google search can yield hundreds of thousands of searches.

How do you know where the really great stuff is when you need to feed your auto news hunger? Get ready for our stack of the best automotive blogs out there.

What makes for an awesome blog about cars?

Allow us to offer a word of advice for car enthusiasts, auto dealers, and manufacturers. Nobody (NOBODY) wants to see blog post after blog post highlighting your inventory and latest models.

Nope. It just isn’t going to fly!

You’ll find that successful auto industry members and thriving car dealerships take their time carefully cultivating blog posts and social media posts. As much as we love cars, we have to live in the real world where people deal with bad weather, holidays, the occasional joke, and information beyond what changes are coming to the 2018 models.

If you’re struggling to boost your dealer’s blog or social media channels, try these ideas:

Your Users

Think about your users. What questions do they have? What problems are they facing that you could help with?

News Buzz

What’s going on in the news that impacts drivers? Texting and driving, back to school, long holiday trips, etc.

Tell A Story

Rather than focusing on your inventory, showcase a customer’s experience. Make the blog post all about them, not your dealership!

The most important thing to remember is that it’s not all about you. It’s perfectly fine to highlight your services and your inventory some of the time…but you have a whole website for that! Use your blog and social media presence to add even more value.

Our Favorite Car Blogs

Car Talk - Guide to Auto Blogging


If you want a good laugh, this is such a great blog offering useful advice on buying, selling, driving, and more. Sort of like a “Dear Abby” for your car! It’s much more than car reviews and basic repair stories. They even have archives of their NPR radio show hosted by the (hilarious) brothers, Tom and Ray.

AutoBlog - Guide to Auto Blogging


Hence, it’s name – this is the King of auto blogs. Featuring a smattering of topics from reviews on new models to car news, auto show information, and even guides for ownership like maintenance and repairs, AutoBlog has it all. We are regular visitors.

CarJoJo - Guide to Auto Blogging


Have you heard of this company yet? Relatively new and based in California, they are an online bridge between car buyers and dealers. They’re a tech company that’s figured out a way to search millions of new cars at one time, and give the end user get the best price possible for the car they want. What we love? Their hilarious Twitter feed, and awesome blog articles like this one highlighting the Top SUV picks for Dads. Creative, original, and loads of personality.

CarGurus - Guide to Auto Blogging


You’ll frequently see us sharing tweets with the folks over at Cargurus. Their home domain contains professional reviews, test drive overviews, and in general just honest, good quality information about popular cars on the market. Their blog is just as awesome, rotating and reviewing new and used models, car safety systems, the loss of the spare tire, and more. Intriguing, and topics that you won’t find anywhere else.

Auto Remarketing - Guide to Auto Blogging


No one has the sheer volume of information on the pre-owned industry like Auto Remarketing does. What’s trending right now? How are auto sales this month? What’s going on in the auction lanes? How is Hurricane Harvey impacting the auto industry? They have answers to ALL these questions, and more. Even though they’re a national auto news source, we have to include them as one of our favorite blogs because you just can’t get all the information you need without them.

Maintaining a quality blog is a huge time investment, but it’s worth it to do it well.

Do you have an auto dealer blog that is stellar we should see? Which blog is your favorite? Let us know and we’ll start sharing your stories on our social channels.

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