Packing up for College – Don’t forget a Car!

It’s nearing the end of July and much to the dismay of parents of young adults everywhere, it’s about time to head back to school. Texas A&M, the largest university in Texas, begins classes in about a month on August 28th. Now is the time to start the packing process and begin making plans for your student’s arrival on campus.

Your first thought may be packing things like bedding, computer and electronics, towels, and other household items like dishes and of course, school supplies. We love this packing guide from College Geek that has great ideas (and links to Amazon!) for everything you need heading back to school.

All across the U.S., young adults will be heading back to classes in late August and early September. If the thought of your 19-year-old driving across several states by themselves is daunting, you’re not alone. More and more parents are choosing to ship their students’ cars back to school, and opting for a plane ride to campus.

We have Expertise in Shipping Cars for College Students

We have shipped cars to and from major universities all over the United States including:

University of Texas at Austin
New York University
University of Minnesota

Out of State College Students

Did you know that more than 11,000 students leave Texas to attend school in another state? Why do they go?

This New York Times article gives the following reasons:

“Some yearn for independence or fun (ski Colorado! Vermont!) or are lured by merit aid (the University of Alabama, Ohio State, University of South Carolina). They may have been shut out of their own flagships (California, Texas, Illinois) or are taking advantage of reciprocity agreements (Midwest Student Exchange Program), which allow neighbors to pay reduced or in-state tuition.”

Whatever the reason, if your college student is leaving your home state to attend school elsewhere, it can be a scary thought for them to drive all alone. And then you have to ask yourself, do they need a vehicle on their college campus? Well, they may need one to get to a job, or an internship across town. But endless road trips in the fall and spring, or even at holiday break can be a source of anxiety and uncertainty. Most young adults don’t have truly reliable vehicles, which makes transporting a much safer option than driving long distance!

Save yourself the worry and book your student’s car shipping using our easy online booking process! You get an instant quote (no hidden fees) and there’s no fee if you have to cancel. Check it out today and get an extra $25 off your booking.

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