Is it Possible to Ship a Car that Isn’t Running?

One of the most common questions we get asked is about shipping a car that isn’t operable. Can you ship a non running car? Maybe it’s the perfect project vehicle that you can’t wait to dig your hands in and fix up. Perhaps it’s a valuable antique; but it isn’t currently running. Your car might be damaged due to a collision or accident. For whatever reason, if your non running car is in Georgia, and need to get it to Texas for example, is that even possible with a regular auto shipper?

The answer is yes! How do we define an inoperable vehicle? It is one that doesn’t start at the time of pickup.

There are several things you need to know to ensure you get the service you need. When you request an auto transport quote from Crestline, we need to know your vehicle is not in working condition. This means it cannot be driven onto an open trailer, which is the most common car shipping method.

Have no worries, there are other types of trailers available. We will simply use a different one to transport your vehicle. It’s important that you notify us of your vehicle’s condition when booking your auto transport so we bring the correct trailer for pick-up. The more information you can provide, the better prepared we can be for shipping your car. Tell us about the condition of the vehicle — is it damaged? Will it roll?– so we can decide what equipment to bring.


We highly recommend having a mechanic look at your vehicle before booking your auto transport, if you aren’t sure why it is not running. Paying for the repair before transporting the vehicle might save you money. We do understand that a lot of classic vehicles or “project cars” are being shipped for the purpose of doing the repairs yourself! If that’s the case, no problem; we have experienced every type of auto transport challenge and will work with you to get your “work in progress” home.

You should expect that shipping an inoperable vehicle will be more expensive than shipping a running vehicle in good condition. As we’ve already mentioned things like added equipment, increased loading and unloading time, and a specific trailer can all impact the price of your auto transport quote. Go ahead and request a quote to find out how what your individual auto transport will cost. Each move is different! You have nothing to lose because our quotes are always free and our car shipping experts are available to answer any questions you have, no matter what condition your vehicle is in.

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