Moving on a Budget: How to Save on your Move

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Moving isn’t cheap. The cost of moving out of state is even more pricey than moving just a town or two away. The bottom line price of your move all depends on how much stuff you have; as we grow older and accumulate more possessions and our family grows, suddenly you have rooms full of items to pack! Moving costs can range from a few hundred dollars to move a one or two bedroom apartment to over $6,000 to move a family with a 4+ bedroom house to another state. It can even stretch to more than $10,000 if you hire professionals to do everything; yes, even the packing.


That’s a lot of cash. With more than 14% of the population (nearly 40 million people) on the move each year, we’re guessing not everyone can afford to shell out such big bucks for a move. If you’re gearing up for a move this year and you need ideas for ways to keep costs down, you’ve come to the right guide. You should be excited about this new chapter in your life whether you’re moving for a military assignment, a new job, a better life for your family…focus on those good things and don’t sweat the cost of your move with our tips.

Before we get started let us say this: attempting to move “on the cheap” is not worth ruining your belongings or getting stuck with a terrible moving company. In this industry, there simply are some individuals who are not ethical and transparent. Be aware of red flags and make sure you do your due diligence. It is always worth it.

Where do moving costs add up? It’s most likely the extra things.


Timing is everything in a move. Going from one house directly to the next is the most efficient option, but the process of selling a house isn’t always going to work out exactly as you need it to. If you can, avoid storing your items in a facility! Renting a storage unit ultimately means you’ll be moving your belongings twice. You need a truck to get them in, and then again to get them to your new residence. Temperature controlled units can be anywhere from $150-$225 a month, adding to your bill. If you must store your stuff, consider putting boxes or furniture in a friend’s garage and getting the smallest unit you can get by with.

Poor Planning

Yikes, nothing adds up like last minute expenses. Do your best to plan ahead for your move. Everything from hiring movers to packing at the last minute can cost you extra. Trying to organize a move last minute leaves you without time to get multiple quotes, a definite must if you want to save money. You can save big bucks by planning ahead and choosing a less popular time to move, if your schedule allows! Some moving companies will give you a discount if you choose a weekday instead of popular Saturdays and Sundays. It never hurts to ask! Take the opportunity to negotiate with your mover to bring costs down.

Cheap Movers

Repeat after me: cheaper is not always better. Insanely low rates up front often signal that you’ll pay much more in the end. We have all heard stories of rogue moving companies (here’s how to spot one) and we know they’re out there. Your best line of defense? Ask questions. Get referrals. Check reviews. Good movers have repeat business, and a great reputation like a positive BBB rating. Know what you’re paying – if by the hour, how many movers? Once your mover has your belongings on their truck, you’re at their mercy. We aren’t trying to scare you, just stressing how important it is to find a reputable moving company. If you need advice, give us a call!

Misc Costs

You need to cancel your utilities, Internet, water, garbage, cable, etc. and set all of these things up with your new city. There are usually customer-activation fees, but if plan ahead for all of these, with a little investigation into your new location, you can save money. And don’t forget to plan for all the household necessities you’ll have to pick up for the new place! You might also have travel costs for a night in a hotel or two if you’re moving across the country.

Moving on a Budget: How to Save in your Move

So how can you save money in your household move this year? Every little bit adds up.

Do as much as you can without professional services. Create a step-by-step moving budget and estimate how much you’ll need to spend, then do your best to stick to it.

Don’t pay for moving supplies

Again, this is where planning ahead will actually result in $$$ in your pocket. With Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist, there are tons of options for finding free moving supplies. Utilize your social networks to see if you can take some boxes off a friend who has recently moved. Ask your office, your local grocery store, liquor store, or even a home improvement store if you can have some. Most of these businesses just recycle their own anyway and you can get there before they get rid of them if you find out the right day to show up.

Use stuff you already own

Old sheets, towels, and even tarps can make great protective gear for moving. Even if you do hire a pro to move your big items, having them wrapped and packaged ahead of time cuts down on the investment. There’s less for them to do! See if you can use items you already have to protect your belongings. Collect bungee cords, rope, and anything soft and plushy. Pillows, blankets, and even rugs will do! Don’t pay for pricey bubble wrap or paper if you can help it. Pack things as efficiently as possible by putting heavy things on the bottom with a protective layer surrounding anything fragile.

Don’t forget to keep all of your receipts. Some of your move might be tax deductible, if you meet certain qualifications. Are you going to save money by renting a truck? Great! Be sure to call Crestline to get a quote for car shipping as you’re planning your move. We also offer quotes via text for easy planning.

Best of luck to you in your move. Don’t stress, you got this!

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